All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, Saturday 11th August, 5pm


Only cos it stars Jim Ronayne…


Wouldn’t be surprised with Jim if the 6 starting forwards were Costello, Con, Howard, Mannion, KK, Dean.
Anyways, the harder it is to pick our starting 15 the better


Unfortunately for Andrews , the last day didn’t do him any favours. Think Howard is fine where he is . Will Jim throw up a few curve balls tomorrow though , stranger things have happened .


I’d forgotten how good a journalist he was.



Ha! :clap:

You playing later Dermo?


Any sign of the fake team yet??


Yes…it’s the same team that didn’t start the last day but with a few changes.


As expected so.


Yeah me too…


Going to bucket down by all appearances. Bring a jacket and hope it does not prove to be too much of a leveller.


Not much traffic coming in (yet) on the Galway motorway by one account I’ve read.




Stupid video.

What’s wrong with just writing down the fake team?


F*cked if I’m writing it out.



Too many colours now. Stupid Roman numerals.


That team almost feels like our default team selection, with changes only being made on the basis of the opposition, injury or suspension.

Wouldn’t shock me if that team starts.


FF line is the only worry if it were to start, one of con/mannion needs to find confidence/form ASAP.