All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, Saturday 11th August, 5pm


In physical game, where tracking back is important , Mannion even if he’s not score g offers a lot.


Up da Dubs (ugh I feel sick;) hammer them out da gate…I’ve over a dozen cousins slagging me everyday about the double.


Thanks mate. We’ll do our best to make your winter a tad more bearable.


Any of the regular starters that didn’t start the last day look as if they would be in pole position to start this week. Those that stayed on longest the last day look as if they probably won’t (Kevin Mc, MDMA). It was like a county trial for an underage team, it’s good if you are taken off early.

Flynn though just might be thereabouts. He was never dropped because of loss of form, he lost his place through injury. If he is showing well in training they could give him a start to bed the game in.


We are all talking about who should mark Comer etc but Jims plan is simple in that for him it is about eliminating the supply to him and others. I’ll say it again…Dubs by 5


Is the Shawshank Redemption as favorite movie an in joke with footballers or something? 99% say it…

Seriously though it’s interesting Howard says Murchan is the fastest on the team and not Jack. Murchan must be a flyer.


I thought. Howard says, when asked who is Fastest player says “Jack Mc.”

When Murchan is asked the same question, he replies ; “Me” in a matter of fact way.


BH also says Mannion, the guy who can’t solo, is the most skillful.


He’s fast though. Cooper to mark him and bottle him up.


I saw that and thought it strange. But the definition of skill in football is harder to define then hurling. I think Fenton is possibly the most skillful (in terms of shooting, ball handling etc), which is amazing considering his size. Howard would be up there as well.


Agree yea, we can’t have con & mannion struggling for form at this stage.


Have two upper hogan going spare sec 728 row d, 35 each if anyone wants them message me. Got couple of freebies so selling these




I know people have their reservations over it but all of Con, Mannion and Murchan start for me. To be honest I’d be surprised if it wasn’t the team who started against Tyrone which starts. The closer we get to the game the more I think Murchan has to mark Burke.

The weather could play a role in this as well, and would suit Galway. They’ll try make it a dogfight. Hopefully we get a dry 70 mins


I think that’s highly unlikely.

There will be showers beforehand, and heavy rain due around the time of game end. This could vary from hour to hour. I’ll have a look later this evening at the weather models and see what it looks like.


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Ah that is brilliant. The guy could write!


We’ll certainly try.


I’m surprised that Murchan is being considered as a likely starter - in order to counteract Galway - seeing how a Dublin team not fully up to speed and a man down dug out a draw away to Galway in the league. Think it’s a bit of a leap and not quite horses for courses as with McHugh and Donnelly.

Mind you it’s certainly not passed Gavin.


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Wha’ ???

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