All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, Saturday 11th August, 5pm


Hubris rising.


Am not liking this over-confidence at all. It can lead to complacency.

Mind you this time tomorrow we’ll be eight points up.


Couldn’t agree more. :wink:


I think small will probably start


‘We apologies’

Hopefully someone called the grammar police :rotating_light:


I do too (R.e Small starting)

Fitzy Cooper Murchan
Small Cian Jack
Fenton James Mc
Kev Mc


Ah shag off. Pile of aul rubbish.


Philly McMahon dropped… Not a hope. Murchan has done very well for his breakthrough to the team but he’s not going to replace the experience and fight that Philly brings.

And if Kevin Mac starts I’d be very surprised, he is now definitely an impact sub.


I’ve two spare Hill 16 tickets for face value of anyone is interested?


Cluxton, Mick Fitz, Philly McMahon, Cooper, Howard, O’Sullivan, Small, Fenton, McCarthy, Scully, KK, Flynn, Rock, Costello, Con*

*Think one of Con or Mannion will start on the bench.


Agree re Philly.

And KevMc played the full game last week too?


Yep. Especially not with the new found reputation Galway like to think they have now,
of being hard men. Neymar Comer included. No better buachail to put manners on him.


Think Murchan is nailed on starter. Fitzy ahead of Philly for me, but in Gavin’s eyes you’re probably right. Think a curve ball inside up front. Mannion not scoring, could change tomorrow if he starts obviously. Con undroppable. Cormac or Kev Mc for me. Edging towards the latter, he’s flying.


Thing is you can put manners on the likes of Comer without actually putting manners on him. See Fitz in the replay year before last. But I can see where yous are coming from nonetheless


Kev played every minute so it’s not a good sign for tomorrow. Big fan of kevs but a few years ago he was flying it starting every league game but eventually lost start and became impact sub again. I’d say he hates the super sub thing but he has turned so many matches for us off the bench it kind of hurts his chances of first 15.

Can’t see Costello starting over con or mannion either. Bar roscommon has he started a championship game all year. It’s hard to know how the form in training is but Jim has been a big fan of mannions since u21.


Well yeah, he’ll still be the same player. Leopards and spots and all that. But he’s in for a land if he thinks that what he got away with against Mayo & Kerry & Donegal in the league, he’ll get away with against Philly in Croke Park in August. Different kettle a fish entirely.


He’s some option to come off the bench now .
Exactly what we need along with Kev & Flynner.
I’d say both Con & Mannion will have something to prove now so I’d say they are raring to go .


I’d say Daly would just walk off the field if he saw Murchan heading towards him again!

I am not sure Daly is good enough to warrant a man marker at senior level though. But they do seem to love him in Galway.

It’s Burke, Walsh and Comer that scare me though. Burke didn’t play the league final against us (I think). That is a strong core to the forwards


I think Costello can’t be denied a spot if it’s going off form, he’s the forward in the best form by the looks of it. Big fan of Mannion but you don’t know what you’ll get on a given day.

And it’s sudden death now, every score counts.


Yep. Comers a one trick pony. He’ll get enough of it whoevers marking him.