All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, Saturday 11th August, 5pm


It doesn’t fit into the manufacturered gym monkey bully theme espoused by the media…not that it matters a toss in the grand scheme of things, but folks seem to get more excited by this shite than watching the greatest Dublin team of all time.


Fixed that for ya dubinhell


Nice one @dirty_frank … I won’t tell your Da now.


Ha! I’ll come clean to him on Saturday, maybe just as MDMA rattles the net for the 2nd time in the space of a week.


Still not sold out yet.


If anyone’s looking for one lower Cusack section 303 PM me. Face value


Doubt very much it will be full tbh.


Back on the panel, Dermo? You don’t need your ticket anymore?


Going to try and read Jims mind and name 15 starters, not necessarily my 15, dont mind positions.
Cluxton, Cooper, Small, Philly, Jack, Cian, Murchan, Mc Carthy, Fenton, Kilkenny, Howard , Scully, Rock, Costello and Mannion


Ah come on @bigp … at least tell us where you think Cluxton will play …




Panel??. Can’t even make the B team in some peoples eyes :smiley:


I have a spare Hill ticket (not Nally) - face value


Interesting… I guess Murchan and Costello are the two main calls. If they are the six forwards, and they could be, it would be some changing of the guard over the last few years. I would think O Callaghan would start though, he picks him every time he is available.

If that is the team Fitzsimons could count himself unlucky.

But on the positions, I couldn’t begin to guess those. Even after games now I am finding it hard to say who played where. Jack seems to be nearly more a forward now, I haven’t a clue if Howard is a forward or a back. O Callaghan is probably most used at full forward. Whatever it is, I suspect it’s very complex.


Imagine how the opposition feel when trying to work out a plan to mark them :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I think Fitz, Mdma, and O Callaghan would all be unfortunate, but have feeling Murchan not seeing any game time last is an indication. Think Costello getting taken off so early while playing so well was also a sign maybe. I know con didnt figure either, but it is not the same Murchan, Murchan hasnt played much so why rest him. Trying to read Jim’s mind is a difficult task, deffo has to be a problem for opposing managers, they have no idea what team will be named


Murchan may well mark Michael Daly again (if Daly is fit) - Jim would have noted the job he did on him in Under 21 final, and if he can shut out one of Galway’s threats then that is great.


Sign in Des Kelly Carpets. :joy::joy:


Someone could pull the rug from underneath on that one


Just as well Exiled was ‘rested’ … I hope the Galway man who thinks we are arrogant doesn’t see this! I would nearly guess that Matt Kelly’s mischief is behind that.