All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, Saturday 11th August, 5pm


Might only be 60,000 at this which would be awful for a Dubs semi. Can’t see Galway bringing more than 10k given their hurlers are in the decider. Bad weather forecast will take care of any walk up crowd too.


Mick Fitz or MDMA didn’t start against Tyrone

I expect mdma will be a impact sub on Saturday


Yep but both have been regular starters this year, don’t really see the logic in resting all other midfield candidates and giving MDMA the 70 for probably the first time this year. Personally I would start MDMA, but I suspect he will be held back but no doubt he will play a part.


Weather forecast now showing rain not to start until after the game.

I was just wondering how Comer seems to be able to get away from his man.:grin:


Quite frankly the fare this year is nowhere near exciting enough to attract the bandwagon fan at €40 a seat. There’s also a lot more people on holidays now than in other years when the semi was on ye Sunday before schools reopen.


Would that work though - Walsh is 6’2’’ or something, Murchan isn’t! I know he marked Daly out of it in the 21 final, and he isn’t small, but Walsh seems a bigger challenge.

Nothing Murchan would do would surprise me - but it’s risky enough too. But I guess we have the ammunition to adjust if required.


Murchan is exceptionally quick and can get up unbelievably high to break ball. Would not worry about him at all.


Agree on the dates, but the bandwagoners dont go for the fare so I would expect them to come along.


Murchan worked against McHugh as he was tracking runs, big difference on him manmarking in the fullback line.


Well then you’e faced with the prospect that people who actually like football don’t like the fare they’re being offered and would as soon watch it on TV.


Haven’t seen enough of Murchan to judge, but from what I’ve seen he’d be well able to hold his own in the fullback line - could see him getting out in front of most of what Galway have to offer. He could be exposed under the high ball, but that’s been our supposed Achilles heel since ROC departed - not too many have been able to exploit it though, except in patches and not enough to be decisive.
Either they haven’t had the players to do it and/or we’ve managed to cut off the supply.


I’d be surprised if it isn’t well north of 75k. It’s an All Ireland semi - you don’t be in them every year. Well, we do, I suppose, but it wasn’t always so. The Galway crowd will surely travel too - they likely have a few good years ahead of them and if I were them I wouldn’t want to miss any of it, even if Saturday is likely to prove a bridge too far.


He trains with and against the best forwards in the country. IMO if JG can trust him to mark McHugh and Sludden then he won’t be worried about putting him on Burke or Walsh. That’s if he picks him at all.


I reckon at least 70, I was genuinely surprised by the amount of Dubs last week so reckon they will be out in force for this too.


Couldn’t get over how sparse the AC was last Sunday. A lot of Mam and Dads will also realise that this is the last chance to bring snotty little Johnny and his sister Aisling to the games because they will have no hope of a Final ticket.


Nally tickets on atm.


Smally will take Shane Walsh I think.


Big difference but we’ll see, more likely won’t even be picked.



It’s fascinating. I am amazed it has nearly gone totally uncommented on in the media, that Gavin has thrown in a young guy into the championship, who got virtually no league time, and stands about 5’6” and he has shut down two of the best players in the game. If that’s not a story, I don’t know what is.

To paraphrase the boxing cliche, inch for inch Murchan is one of the best footballers I have ever seen. But there is no one escaping the fact that a few more inches would be great.

I think Murchan is well worth his place, but it has to be carefully considered where he can be put. I remember back a few years ago, Hubbard was playing corner back against Kerry and a ball went into the Gooch (I think). It wasn’t that high, but it was high enough to clear Hubbard and Kerry scored. If the back was talller it either wouldn’t have cleared him or it would have cleared everyone and went wide.

I think Murchan could be ideal for Burke, but he can’t be left one on one in there.