All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, Saturday 11th August, 5pm


Good tv show.


Slight understatement there. I think you’ll have to go back few decades and some to find a comparable team. Now before I’m accused of arrogance, let me state that although we have a great team, we do not or did not

Invent football
Play pure football ( well, maybe close)
Have football in our DNA
Have a divine right to all irelands


You reckon dubs are ‘team of the decade for sure’.

As a statement I’d consider that cretinous.


Maybe only the previous decade for some comparable teams Blue. But a great team ye are, lets just say. 5 out of 7 is very impressive in anyone’s book. Who mentioned arrogance? Not me. This AI semi could go one of 2 ways. A big Dubs win, a dogfight. I think most neutrals will want the latter.


True, but at every stage in that game the Dublin reply was “For every score you get our second string can get two” TOTALLY different game / circumstances.


Not a game you can take much from, there wasnt any intensity, no hard hits, scuffles or handbags. The only thing it confirmed for me was that Flynn is fully recovered he covered a huge amount of ground and was flying throughout the game.


Ah Danny boy… You showed up! even though Kerry didn’t in the super 8’s. How are ya bro?


We want a dogfight nothing like it to sharpen them cat claws


Yeah cornac was real greedy in 2016 final … how dare he take all those points for himself !!!

Seriously can’t see where that comment is coming from … he has hardly played enuf to be greedy n right now I think someone backing themselves is exactly what we need coz too many of our forwards are playing with fear or to much attention to not doing anything wrong


Agree 100%


Likely to piss rain on Saturday most of the day. We’ll need to be sharp


What forward doesn’t want to :hushed: .
If its on , i hope he goes for it everytime considering the others aren’t shooting that well.


That’ll suit Galway down to the ground.


A great leveller. 2016 drawn final ruined by the rain. It was like an ice rink. Surface can’t handle it well at all.


Jim has it in hand, apparently he has the players pelted with water balloons as they go about their daily business.


Lee Keegan and Mossie on Off the Ball AM at the moment. Lee speaking well, good tactical analysis and insight from him. He’s praising how good our individuals and our collective have been both this season and over the last few years. Doesn’t seem to be any bitterness at all which is refreshing. His verdict was that if Galway repeat the League Final form/performance/stick to their defensive mould that we’ll win by 5+.


Probably the big call for the game is if Murchan takes Burke or not. In one respect it is ideal, Burke is small and nippy and runs rings around big lads. However, he stays primarily in the full forward line, and do we really want Murchan exposed to high balls in our full back line? Also, he will be operating next door to Comer, which maybe isn’t where you want someone of his build to be.

Also, I assume Galway will expect Murchan to take him and will plan accordingly. From our point of view, I don’t think Murchan is a nailed on starter every time. I think if there is a job for him, he will be given it - but it needs to be a specific job.

Having said that, if he goes on Burke and does the type of job he did on Sludden and McHugh, we will surely win the game.


Murchan could be marking Shane Walsh


I reckon the real indication as to who will play is the time given last week. I reckon recent starters who got no game time will start. And regulars who played between 30 or 40 mins will also start. The big calls, Cluxton apart, are the regulars who play all or most of the game, lads like MDMA Philly or Fitz


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