All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, Saturday 11th August, 5pm


Disagree. With DC away on tour he is far and away our most natural scoring forward. He played half a game last Sunday and scored 4/ 5 from play, 10 minutes against Mayo in the final 2016 and scored 3 points which saw us home. We haven’t seen him for a full game . As for being greedy he is a player who only needs a sniff of a chance to score and he generally delivers. I also noticed on Sunday how hard he worked without the ball. We are blessed to have him as an option.


Bang on the money. CC is living up to his potential.I think he will play a massive part for us against Galway.


hopeternal, must be a Kerry man !

Galway were beat at home by Monaghan, scoring 8 points. They have an average plan A, and nothing else after that. All facts point to Dublin winning pulling up.

Kev Mc to top score in our two remaining games.


Typical Dublin hurling fan focusing on the physique.

Can’t you see his fine wrist action there? Some lean mean fighting machine man breaking his hurl in combat as he swats him off. And he’s wearing a tipp Jersey.

Say no more.


You must have missed the ones which are saying Saturday will be a dogfight and tight and that Galway have been planning for this match all year. Focus on the ones that suit your narrative by all means though


I agree with all of this.


Seen Costello since he was the best minor in the country. Even then as the main man in 2012 I never saw a streak of selfishness.

If I was to criticise him I would suggest that he’s an awful tackler.


Ah I don t know about that , his tackling in the last min v Kerry in 2016 and mayo last year also in the last minute were fantastic :sweat_smile:


It should take around 22 points on the board to beat Dublin, can Galway go from 8 points at Home to Monaghan to 22 points against Dublin in Croker. I don’t think so. Dublin by 5.


Think we would struggle with Rock and CC playing together in FF line. Both struggle to win 50/50 ball at times. Mannion for all his faults is a ball winner. Paddy Andrews can win ball too.


Exactly. Add in poor weather forecast strength needed in those conditions


Barry Cassidy down to ref this game :frowning:


Lads I don’t know where you are going including Fenton in this list. Have any of you seen him up close? He’s a monster of a man. The difference between now and 2015 is incredible.


“But that aside… I think we are generally a light team, Scully, Fenton, Jack and Murchan of course are all lighter then your average footballer these days. “

I wouldn’t compare these lads to average footballers. There is nothing average about any of them😜


Dubs are a fine team, team of the decade for sure but are far from unbeatable. Galway are coming in a great position. Nothing expected now of Galway, defensively I am impressed with you this year. Getting your match winners Comer and Walsh on the ball will be key. But Conroy is a big loss.
There is also the small matter of the Double, great motivation for ye here. Smart money on Dubs but stranger things have happened.


Motivation is a place in the All Ireland, if that doesn’t get you motivated you may f*ck off.

Every team is beatable - we’ve been here before, see 2014 etc - and that’s the rub of it. Galway go at Dublin, get a goal or two, then it’s game on.

I doubt they can switch between last Saturday’s performance and back to their best, they’re not on the road that long. Still though, anything can happen.


Ah Danny how are ya. Recovered from the weekend I see.


Dublin conceded 22 points to Roscommon.



Here to dispense some Kerry wisdom, while he broods through the winter and waits on the minors to develop.