All Ireland SFC Final, Dublin v Mayo, Croke Park, September 18th 2016


I disagree. It’s thoroughly an ‘eye off the ball’ moment… Fcuk the cost!


Their county board hasn’t a pot to piss in. Ours turns a half million profit per annum


AFAIK they had a surplus even with spent of over €1m on their team this year It’s fairly common knowledge that the Mayo team wants for nothing.


Incorrect. a big debt exists. The physio was removed from training sessions - treatment organised the following day if required, meals after training ceased, …




Not according to report in the papes few weeks back following their county convention. They may have a big debt but the costs of servicing that debt don’t appear to be too much of an issue for them. They spent more on their team than they have ever done this year.


Due to a refinance of the stadium debt by Croke Park if memory serves me correct. Points re cutbacks remain. Also worth noting that Connellys brother was Chairman or Secretary at the time too when these cut backs were implemented. Just saying :wink:


I get a bit sick of listening to the money factor, for me the issue is not the money available, but more how it is used. I have no idea how cash is divided out etc, but what I do know is that some of the counties that are always using finance as an excuse don’t seem to have a problem with training camps abroad or paying big names to come in and manage, Money can only do so much for you at this level, I doubt very much that the likes of AOS is not a better player because of lack of cash, I am sure he gets just as much care as any Dublin player. I would be willing to listen to this argument from a lad from Carlow or Leitrim, but the bigger counties have no problem as regards looking after their players.


The big debt in on MacHale park but we received a special deal where by the GAA took the debt and we repay them. We have a few financial backers who keep the show in the road. Money comes in from expats in the US and U.K. We incur huge expenses but that happens when most of your team live outside the county. Dublin have advantages but financial is an overstated excuse. Limerick are backed by a billionaire in JP McManus but are inept in both codes. There is a bigger and unfair gap between Leitrim and Mayo then there is between Mayo and Dublin. Counties like Kildare and Meath with huge populations have no excuse in my opinion.


Missed a pressure free (from not too-difficult spot) to take the replay to extra-time. I would argue that having bottle is the number one trait in being a good free-taker.


Without sounding cliched, football can mean a lot more to people in isolated, rural communities desolated by emigration. I hope Mayo win one in the not-too-distant future, but not with Inda still in charge and having rid themselves of a few of the rotten eggs you speak of (nor at Dublin’s expense, of course!).


The demands made, if true, show a remarkable sense of entitlement and self-regard.


I think there is a solid argument either way, but personally, I think he has a fair shout for the mantle of Best Freetaker in the country. I’m not sold on what he does from play (his goal rate has really dropped off since 2013 - 2 this year, Vs 6 in 2013.), and certainly not even considering how he conducts himself at times.

But deadball, that he does well, and at 24, he’ll only get better.

I take your point though, I’d have Deano over him. Little between them from the spot, but Deano far, far more useful in play.


My point was about bottle. COC kicked a great equaliser from play in the drawn game, relying on skill and, to a lesser extent, instinct. When he had time to mull over his free to level the replay, his bottle went awol. Maybe it is something on which he can improve.


"The new management’s approach was based on the philosophy that if Mayo hadn’t won an All-Ireland title over the previous 64 years, it was unlikely to change unless some adjustments were made.

"We felt it was time to wipe the slate clean and move on from hard luck stories like refereeing decisions, injuries, the curse, the venue, the media, etc.

“We wanted to remove all excuses, stand on our own feet and go out and win the All-Ireland. The best team wins the All-Ireland so if you don’t win, you’re not the best.”

This sort of talk will go down very badly with the majority of online Mayo support. No wonder their blog is getting a lot of action the past few days.


If that does not bring added pressure - i don’t know what does !!

I don’t like the chap but to say that was an easy free is a bit much


It wasn’t a give me but it wasn’t the most difficult free he’ll ever take it either. It was just really poor connection. I was in line with it and from the minute it left his foot it was wide.


The only way they are gonna win an AI is if they have a season where they get the breaks & they don’t face Dublin in the final . For one reason or another they capitulated when they were in a position of winning , they’ve had this a couple of times against us & Kerry in the past . Its all in the head too . The opposition will seriously have to be off for them to succeed . The first match was a prime example of this & they still managed not to take advantage of it .


In fairness, the whole thing is a circus.

I don’t think that the timing of the article is an accident. If Mayo had taken SAM back west this year, it would never have been published. Failure was required to give credence to it’s content.

Nobody in Mayo has escaped it’s fallout.

  • The squad look to be made up of individuals and prima donnas, maybe not all of them, but a certain quorum. It seems they hold a disproportionate amount of sway too. Can’t be good for morale.
  • Connelly and Holmes look bitter and vengeful. They were shafted, and they’re out for payback. The artlcle was as one-sided as it gets. Still shit sells newspapers.
  • Rochford’s tenure has been undermined. He was hired with the “consent” of the players, he’s made some questionable calls that may have been influenced by players, he brings players to games with him (see his company @ our Semi). Is he really running the show 100%?
  • But the egg-on-your-face-maguire goes to The County Board and it’s ineptitude for allowing all this to happen (not only that, but to actually wilfully participate). The odd thing is, they may be the only ones to escape unscathed.
  • Supporters are at one another, some are lambasting the guys for the article, some are asking if there is a measure of truth to what they’ve said. It’s a divisive issue, and it seems it’s gonna drag out.

Tough times ahead for them, and that’s before they’ve kicked a ball. The real killer is that it’s self-inflicted. They have literally no-one to blame but their fellow county men and women.

I’m sure it’s Dermo’s fault somehow though. :slight_smile:


position wise - not too difficult - additional time in an all Ireland final replay adds pressure - you got to give him that.