All Ireland SFC Final, Dublin v Mayo, Croke Park, September 18th 2016


Daddy O Se. People in Mayo are pissed don’t like coming down too hard on amuteur players but no snokebwithout fire. All I’ll say is Mayo players are lucky the vast majority of our fans are so loyal. In another county fans would walk away


Players come and go though. The integrity of the county team can’t be compromised. I’d rather see lesser players playing for the manager and the jersey than a few individuals playing for themselves. If everyone isn’t pulling in the same direction what’s the point?


It’s a bit toxic over there at the moment. One or two of the regular posters are having meltdowns. 2016 has been a year to forget for Mayo football. Barely survive Div 1, no silverware at all, and all that effort in the champo to no avail.

F**k it, I’d be mad too. This is their “Startled Earwigs” moment.

How many times can they pick themselves up after a knockdown? More than me, I can tell ya that. I’d have switched to rugby at this point.


You’re wasting your time posting on that joke of a site mate. Judging by the comments of the majority over there, they have the team they deserve.


A bit? Some of their posters are nasty pieces of work. I saw that chap Liam having a go at you. Utterly delusional. They are to be pitied at this stage.


I wouldn’t go near that site. What’s the point? They are mental with rage and frustration. Jaysus they have got Stockholm syndrome from the likes of the O’Shea’s and O’Connors.

Leave them to it.


That’s funny shit dub09… yer a funny guy.


Off the Ball asking why the duo brought it all up again, why they haven’t let it lie. I’m surprised they held their council for so long. To have been turfed out after a year must have been distraughtful and very embarrassing. Knowing the background stuff as they’ve described it must have been rage-inducing.

This notion that this Mayo group are somehow an exceptional bunch of dedicated men intent on etc etc is bollocks. All intercounty players put their lives into it. If they want to know why they still haven’t won they should look at instances like O’Sé’s effort at a point in the replay, and O’Connor’s free. Eventually you have to just do it, end of. And there’s no hiding from that fact.

The idea above of a Gilroy type being required is spot on. It’s all too cosy, and some need moving on.

Mayo folk must despair.


In 2014 Marc O’Se was dropped for the infamous replay in Limerick against us. He said in an interview that he went to the Kerry manger Eamonn Fitzmaurice and told him that he thought that his decision was wrong but he accepted it. So other team’s players do question their manager’s decisions as well, even in Kerry.

The problem with us is we have not won an all Ireland so don’t have respect or authority to do this. I really feel we need an outsider to come in and lay down the law. What is Pat Gilroy at these days lads ?


I reckon the man for the job is McGuinness. Whatever your personal gripes about the chap, he knows how to get everyone rowing in the same direction. If he got that letter, he’d have crumpled it up into a ball, thrown it in the face of whoever handed it to him, and just pointed at the door.

The bit I’m wondering about is where does this leave Rochford? He seems to be a decent manager, and he had his plan in place on the first final day. Will be be perceived as a yes-man to the team? The memory of him bringing squad players to games to watch with him, won’t help his case.


Gilroy is a good shout, but Alan Brogan mentioned that Gilroy regularly discussed issues and what way things were going with some of the more senior players (which included Alan ). Basically kept them in the loop.
When Gavin came in that stopped , Alan or any player hadnt a clue what was going on , I’d say Gavin is actually more ruthless .


I really like Jim Gavin. Quiet and unassuming on the camera but you get this feel that he is utterly ruthless behind the scenes and he needs to be. When you have a talented bunch you need a strong personality to manage and keep everyone happy. Jim McGuinness would be interesting for Mayo. Not sure his style of play would go down well here but sure if you win Sam who cares. Rochford in s weitdcway is damaged goods by this story which may be unfair comment but it’s how it looks.


True, Rochford actually comes out of this badly.
No doubt he will be asked again now about the change of goalkeepers.


Can’t see McGuiness walking away from the cosy number he has for what now has to be the most difficult job in Gaelic Football and that is sort out the mess that is the Mayo dressing room.

There’s a decision to be made and it has to be made now. Do they persist with the flawed personalities that have continously failed or do they cut their losses, drop the egomaniacs, bring on some under 21s and look to build a team to have a go at the Sam in 3 to 5 years.

If I was a Mayo fan I would want the latter option there. I couldn’t bring myself to support the likes of the O’Shea’s, COC and Higgins any longer. They need moving on. The funny thing is not one of them players are irreplaceable. All very average players


Gilroy is MD of engineering firm the Designer Group. Joined them this year so cant see been involved in football for next few years.


@Dub09 any chance we can have a Christmas special of aidos diary based on the latest drama or even a Christmas carol with our hero as Scrooge? C’mon ya selfish fecker we need a laugh!


I’d say McGuinness sees himself taking Brendan Rogers job. I met Martin McHugh last year at work do and he was convinced McGuinness would manage Celtic. I laughed at him when he said it.

In fairness Keith Higgins has been a good servant to Mayo over the years though his legs seem to have gone. Playing with Mayo since 05. COC and AOS usually go missing when the going gets tough in big games.


Don’t think there is a problem discussing things with senior players, but that is not the case in Mayo, they were telling the County board what to do, which is a different thing altogether.


The same crew who have the likes of this guy working for them with a predominant Kildare contingent , hardly surprising


On the hotel thing. They had no choice .they don’t have an AIG sponsor. So we have to be fair too