All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


That no mark Clerkin has alot to answer for !


Once it’s happened the once it becomes less daunting, so I’m told anyway.


I fully agree there is no need for insults or bad language, and it would be great if people refrained from using Same. Above a post referred to people as "fucking clueless " , the post was flagged, and no action taken. yet a moderater involved in a discussion is offended by the use of the word moron in a reply to himself, and he suspends the poster. my problem is your directly involved, and you acted as judge jury and executioner. Surely that lacks impartiality. should you not have left it to other mods not directly involved to make judgement.


Yeah your whole wum act is getting boring.


All about opinions. The discussion was does he get into our 15. So who out of Con, Mannion and Cormac does he replace? I think he’s a fantastic player but hand on heart i couldn’t drop one of them 3 for him


Says the guy who called Mayo team members morons an hour ago…

I don’t have to show impartiality if he decides to go on a solo run and continuously insult a player, receive a bit of gentle advice about it and then throw it right back at me.


So we are not allow insult players ? Really !


I think your showing bias here and your not convincing me any different.


Are they morons though? Seriously? In what way have they acted moronic to have people insinuate that about them?

Enough of the shite, thread locked until I discuss with the other mods what to do.



It’s simple if you don’t like the site don’t use it.

You won’t be any loss as all you do is try wind people up.