All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


But he could be poor next year. Sure he’ll be 34.75!! Paddy hit 5 points two years ago and might do it again next year. Who knows?


No one saying his an idol. But a 34 to have had the championship he has had is remarkable. Probably be shite next year or half as effective but if Berno was to be playing at 34 and had that impact it would be great. And btw I still jamsie should of got POTY but that’s how it goes.


He probably won’t be but I am going off what I seen in the season just gone not what might or might not happen in the future.


Poor Berno never gets the chance. Mayo have no other options. Bring back Mort - he’s only 35 …


Deserved it ahead of cluxton or McCarthy or jack mc only for his injury. Me bo××ix but thats my opinion


Good for you :+1:




Thanks for that, enjoy the break…


The difference between Berno & Andy is Mayo are so reliant on a 34 year old that he had to play big minutes this year .They are short of forwards , we are not . Berno won’t get the game time now with the emergence of Con & a rejuvinated Mannion . Connolly will be fresh next year with Vincent’s out .Cormac will be back too after his injury plagued year . You then have Rock Kilkenny & Andrews . O’Gara , Flynn, Kev & Berno vieing for minutes off the bench .
We are blessed ATM & you might have another forward come through from the O’Byrne Cup & League
This was what Mayo had come off the bench in comparison in AI final .

Diarmuid O’Connor for Seamus O’Shea (50), Stephen Coen for Colm Boyle (55), Conor Loftus for Andy Moran (63), David Drake for Jason Doherty (70), Danny Kirby for Kevin McLoughlin (74), Ger Cafferkey for Keith Higgins (75)

Their bench is dreadful forward wise apart from Loftus & the younger O’Connor .


I think rob hennelly is better than clucko and Clarke …


Keegan is not good enough for the Dublin team, period…who would you drop…


Do you think Keegan is better than Lowndes…have to question your judgment…


I’m thinking if you have blocked/ suspended dub95 for his post “moron” it’s over the top and uncalled for and displaying a level of bias that is unwarranted. Their is much more insulting and discrimatory posts above posted in the past couple of hours on this thread .



Think he plays in our halfback line. Instead of who is another debate.


Alarming to see your Keegan infatuation has returned. Seriously man it would do you good to move on.


Jesus I think this thread is about to meet the big padlock in the sky if some of the comments continue


I tell you what Nappertandy, I asked him nicely not to use the word and then he called me it himself so he has breached regulations of the forum so I am well within my rights to give him a brief holiday…


Personally I think it’s beyond warranted. There’s a certain element creeping in here and if it goes unmoderated where do we end up.

There’s countless facebook pages for that sort of shite. I’d rather catch my flute in the bathroom door than have to read through them or be associated in any way with them.


Jesus Savio I think I’d be happy to put up with a lot of nonsense on here rather than that happen :grin: