All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


Padraig …


And Adam!!


And Bernard snr for good measure, sure he’s about the same age as moron


Did you see what he did before he was fucked? All year?

I’ll take that kind of fucked all day thanks!


So would I cause it didn’t change the result


Keegan overrated ah cmon! Aido is over rated but he is important to mayo and their fans. Leroy is top class and woukd get into our hb line no problems.


And like you said … when you REALLY need him he’s gone.


@Dub95 his surname is Moran not moron, a bit of respect please…


This went from pub talk to shite talk very quickly.


Is there not more than one moron on that team ?


Simmer down there next thing you’ll be telling me ie that he deserved poty


For what it’s worth i’d have Keegan in our team but he’s the only one that I’d put into our team. Moran had an exceptional year but i still wouldn’t put him in ahead of Con, Mannion and a fully fit Cormac. No way


Well said napper, morons and Muppets


Has TLR/bart found a new alter ego to wind people up?


Let’s be honest lads. Andy and Lee would be on the Dubs team, except in our team, they’d have 5 all Irelands. 2 class acts. If you don’t see that, you’re fu**ing clueless.

For them, it is sad, as they aren’t on our team. They have zero medals. But if you don’t see their qualities, you are absolutely football blind. Bless you!


Be savage to see Berno having a Andy Moran year. Agree on lee I’d have him in our hb line with JS loosing out.


Yes he did deserve it in my eyes but hey that’s just my opinion.


Andy Moran was always a good player. The last few years he was good and no more than that. This year he came up against an u12 backline in two semi games and it boosted his confidence - fair play. And he did well in the final for an hour. Has he been as effective as BB over the years? Has he f**k! One good season does not an idol make …


Bias and strong dislike of certain Mayo players aside no reasonable person would deny that Mayo on their day and particularly vs Dublin are a very good team. Keegan would be in the Dublin team but not if carrying on with the sh1te he gets up to constantly for Mayo. He is a seriously talented footballer.

Moran on form this year (but only this year) would be ahead of Andrews. After that Boyle, Higgins and Aido would make the panel. That would be it. Wouldn’t have COC within a million miles of any Dublin team. Cowardly, sneaky little **** that he is!


Not sure anybody would argue that. But on current form he is better than Paddy and Bernard.