All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


Not on your Lifebuoy …


Absolutely. Fully agree. Anyone on here that wouldn’t pick Lee Keegan or Moran is just stupid and blind. Keegan is a savage footballer and Moran was unmarkable this year. If the bile and hatred clouds your judgement, that’s your own fault. Anyone who has read Mayoman’s posts on here must admit that he is extremely magnanimous and fair in his appraisal of players and matches. And most of us have been fair in return.


I wouldn’t pick Moran. And I’m not blind.


COC would do well to make our O’Byrne cup team. He is very average


On this year’s form, you have got to be kidding. All joking aside, he was unmarkable. Low ball. High ball. Be fair chief!!


He’s 34.


Ah yer right there and I’m still celebrating the treble. That’s a lovely word clueless


I wouldn’t pick either of them and I don’t think you need to insult dublin supporters to make your point, furthermore is it not acceptable to make a point about another team without this constant sympathy towards Mayo and their bandwagon, get over it, it’s sport not charity, grow a pair.


Ageist!! The mud-collector in the Holy Grail was 37, and he didn’t want to be called old.

Moran was POTY, he actually was, if not it was only debatable. But sure we had too many POTY on our team.
Your point of course is he can’t be as good next year but still a great player to have around like Brogan.


I don’t finish posts that are without punctuation/capitals any more. I begin reading, become disappointed and move on.


What’s that got to do with anything?

We were blessed he went off with ten minutes left. If he’d played the full game I would venture we would not have won three in a row. He replaces Paddy Andrews every day of the week based on this year. And Lee Keegan gets John Small’s spot too.



Well fair play, having not read it, tell me how you know it’s not punctuated ?


So wot are ye sayin


Yes - he went off cos he was fucked cos he’s 34. He’ll be 34.75 next year. Not for me. No need to apologise - you’re entitled to your opinion.


Keegan is overrated and moron is on the pension


Bless save.


Would you have Brogan involved next year?




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