All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


Actually you did, I stand corrected.

COC is still a Knob though.


You have answered the question. Their game plan all year long is simple, to train to be at a peak for the all Ireland semi and final where they must be at their fittest to stop us playing. It’s ridiculous to hear Mayo fans griping when we pint this out, their actual reply is usually “yeah well we didn’t let you play” when we say we don’t perform. You also see it from their fans in the run up to matches, all that “bucks” shite and “we won’t bend the knee to them”

You don’t see anywhere near the same amount of fans saying “we can play better football than they can, we can out score them”

So they don’t set out to. They can laugh all they like about Leinster teams seemingly going out in fear of getting a beating and how they won’t do that. Fine, don’t. The result will still be a Dublin win, because whilst they say otherwise they are going out to lose by as little as they can not going out to actually win, and the more we hear of bucks and that lard from them the more I am convinced of it.


So you agree with me? I said they would be in the panel didn’t I?

On this years form Andy Moran would start ahead of Paddy Andrews and IMO you find a place in the backs for Lee Keegan, even if that is at the expense of Small or somebody else. Keegan and McCaffrey are currently the best half backs in the country.

I certainly disagree on Aido he is a better option at 14 than O’Gara and better in the middle than Reddin who are both current panel members. COC less so, but personally I would have him a good bit ahead of the likes of McHugh, who I admit has great talent but hasn’t done it at senior yet. Yes COC doesn’t seem to be the most likable guy but I won’t let that cloud my judgement.


Yes but maybe I wouldn’t have them in it either … :wink:

I just don’t rate Aido as a player who will deliver Sam for you. He is a media darling and gets a soft ride tbh. He is neither a midfielder, HF or FF and certainly not a FB. I actually don’t mind the lad but he has not got the levels of fitness and conditioning to be a serious contender. In fact Mayo seem to have a lot of 45/50 minute players but guess what?

Aido is a good intercounty player but nowhere near a top class one.


Fair enough. I think Aido would be a great asset to any side if used well. He would never be a main man for this Dublin team but IMO he would give us a very good option for certain opposition or for spells in games.

All pub talk really and we can agree to disagree.


He doesn’t need to be the main man , just fulfil the role Jim would have for him . The good thing about McCarthy is he’s good to chip in a few points .You wouldn’t know if your get that with Aido . But if Jim was able to find a role for Bastic in his later years he could certainly find something for Aido . He doesn’t have the engine like MDMA had in his prime but I think he would be a great foil for Fenton .


The blue jersey? Jaysus that’s taking Dubalomania to another level. Does the fact that only trying to play well enough to win and saving themselves to produce their best when they really have to not occur to people? And the fact that their best performances have been in FINALS, which is all that really matters for them. I would say their three semifinal performances against us were amongst their worst performances in the two most major championship games in this Era. Just that we were brutal in 2012 and they got out of jail big-time in the 2015 drawn game.
You seem also to forget they beat Kerry out the gate over two games this year. They perform to the level they need to in order to try to win each game. Not unlike ourselves in finals and a couple semifinals too.


I don’t think they make us look ordinary - I think our greatness is cemented by beating them all the time under massive physical and mental pressure - we win matches any way you want


Jim could find a role for Aido alright. He would send him forward as the Dublin rep for the toughest trade , Dublin rep on the international rules panel , escort for the Dublin rose . Plenty to keep aido in the spotlight, would please clerkin , kimmage and all those who think the dubs need th lighten up .Get the papers ready …


Last two minutes of this all Ireland final and the way our lads handled themselves personifies everything we need to know about this Dublin team. I’ll say it again as heffo use to say you only need to win by a point.

As for mayo… I think they are a fantastic team, to come back each year and do that says a lot about them. It’s definetly mayos golden era just unfortunately for them that dubkin are just that bit better and thank god.

And Aido in the Dublin team? Interesting, who knows what Gavin would get out of him. He would be made better that’s for sure.


It’s always held that finals are different, nothing can be taken on previous form. When it comes to judging a team it’s not how close they get in one game but their overall consistancey throughout a competition. With all the help they have received above and beyond other counties they have undeniably proven themselves to be consistent failures.If people choose to judge them on one game why not choose the first game v Roscommon or their defeat to Galway but the truth doesn’t help the gloss when your championing the people’s champions. failure is failure dress it up, give it fancy awards, but if you haven’t crossed the finished line first and lifted the cup well you are the loser.


100 percent agree with you on everything you said. They haven’t won a provincial title two years running getting beaten by very average teams and struggling no end against even worse teams. No team parks the bus against them because they know that Mayo are fragile all over the pitch. All the big name forwards go missing when it matters.

Mayo are blessed they have Keegan in their side because he has the nack of popping up in the right place at the right time to save their ass time after time.

I am confident in saying aido wouldnt get a look in with the Dublin team,he is a headless chicken at the best of times and that isn’t really JG type of player,can you imagine the strop he would throw being subbed off like o gara was. As long as O Connor and Aido are in that side they are never going to prosper


This thread would be a savage cure for insomnia.


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I don’t like their coffee at all.


Would anyone please put up a comment critical of Aidan O Shea? If possible, repeat something that someone else said earlier. Stick in some stats about our wins compared to Mayo’s and finish with a flourish about culchie reporters hating Dubs. It would be a novel approach amidst the mediocrity. Not. Ever.


You’re actually getting better, which is not easy!!!


no I dont agree with ye at all


Get off your soapbox your clueless


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