All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


In regards to Mayo’s defence I’d say it’s a 50/50 but I’d have Lee there all day long .As for forwards , Andy & Coc would certainly push for starts .I’ve no time for coc but if he didn’t have the pressure of having to convert pressure frees on him he might not have the mental hang ups he has . I wouldn’t be intrusting him to send over a free to win a game from placed ball.



I thought rte were ripping off the Daily Mail there but checked the date & were there first .


yer right there, their very consistant and hopefully that consistency will continue and they’ll win nothing. keegan might have a slim chance but I dont think i’d be droppin one of our half backs for him. moron not a hope and Higgins, I wouldnt be droppin anyone for him either


Yes Mayo have put it up to us in recent years but in many many of their other games they were less than average and in some were frankly very, very poor.

Are we just judging this Mayo team on Finals? … [which is what the All Stars seem to …] Why can they not raise their level of performance against weaker teams?


You are obviously entitled you your opinion but in my opinion you are talking rubbish. Keegan is a certain starter, Moran based on this years form would start. Boyle, Higgins, Durcan, O’Se and probably the 2 O’Connors would all be in the Dublin panel.


Oh right, so you’d have them instead of Connolly , Mannion, O Callaghan, Rock Fenton, McCarthy, McCaffrey Philly , Mick Fitz, and you’d probably have Clarke instead of Cluxton, The panel, that’s about as far as they’d get


for such a poor bunch of players we have awful bother beating them don’t we.

the dublin players certainly dont share your disrespect for them


I’d have O’Shea all day in midfield .Not because he’s a great player or better than what we have but he would take the pressure off Fenton & then McCarthy could return to his original position .


Cillian O’Connor would be nowhere near the Dublin panel - nor Aido either imo


If you mean panel, then I would take a good chunk of them being honest (Not COC though, purely on the basis of him being a cock). They’re an excellent team and only for this current Dublin team being around, they’d have probably won at least one AI.

To start in our 15, I’d have Keegan all day long. He’s the best HB on the country and I purely base that on the fact that he’s been able to consistently man mark the most gifted player in the Country (Diarmo) on numerous occasions and actually able to out score him on more than one occasion. He’s a brilliant footballer…


you don’t have to go on that basis, you can go on the basis that he gives us nothing we don’t have already


My basis is more fun though :slight_smile:


I have plenty of respect for them alright, their simply just not good enough and are overated. I wouldnt swap any Dublin player for one of theirs. As for havin bother beatin them, it dosent matter whether it 1 or 10 pts we beat them and by jaysus they wouldn’t mind beatin us by 1 pt and goin up to lift sam


Interesting but not bothered either way. Results talk.

I don’t need any click-bait merchants posing as journalist to validate that this is easily the greatest time to be a Dub.


Yer shittin’ me - Who do you leave on the bench to put COC on? He’d be the 3rd best free taker on the pitch after Deano and Con…


Now that’s a solid backbone for the O’Byrne cup team…


I said push for starts , not a starter .


4th ya forgot to include Clucko! :slight_smile:


And this is the bit that puzzles me. Honestly, I lie awake at night thinking about why this is. Take this year as typical of what Mayo do - they spluttered and stumbled through the Championship like a fella trying to find the Jacks Light switch after 10 pints in a power cut.

The Lost to Galway.
Extra time with Clare and Cork.
Replayed Kerry and the Rossies).

SIX Games in total they couldn’t win in normal time. But sweet Jebus, stick a blue jersey in front of them, and they play like men possessed. They have made us look very ordinary - and they will continue to do so.

And I don’t buy into the “sure we always play badly against them” shite. It happens too often to be just down to us. They don’t let us play - it’s only when we knacker them out, that we ever find that few percent to get us over the line.

Answers on a postcard please…