All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017



No we never went full retard.


Don t think revelino is let out without his nurse.


Important to mention that since 2015

Dublin have won 8 major trophies including 5 national ones

Mayo have 1 trophy to their name during this glory period and no national ones


Agree 100%, but amazingly jock o shea reckons their the best team in the country the last 6 yrs., I think that fella is a bit like yer man I met last night


It’s a weird kind of logic .It’s what gets them through the cold winter months .It’s a lie they keep telling themselves after each crushing defeat .The results don’t lie though .


No we had the good grace to actually won it once in the 90s.


Wasn’t her husband by any chance was it?


How many Mayo players would actually make Dublin Panel, would any of them…


Clarke would obviously be the keeper …


Well two all stars dictate that. Aido full back and midfield at the same time. COC hmmm… light entertainment?


Andy and leeroy as last 2 poty , AoS international rules capt , seamie for being his brother ( huge honour that). Actually the question is how many dubs would make the mayo 15. ■■■■ it revelino, leantimes , willie bob have being right all along…


How many dubs woukd make the people’s champions? Probably not many.


Is Leeroy as good as Darren Daly, Eric L, doubt it…


Presume this is a wind up…


I’d say it’s all tongue in cheek al, it’s that time of year!


He certainly would not make our defence


You shouldn’t be on your phone during class, you will end up getting lines or detention!!


Honestly, none. They wouldn’t even make it onto the bus. Call a spade a spade, mayo are over rated, They’ve had their chances to put us away and couldn’t take them, they havent got it. Theres not one player in their squad you’d swap for one of ours. As far as their concerned their already in the final next year, for jaysus sake they couldn’t even make it out of Connaught the last 2 yrs and if results hadn’t gone their way they would have been relegated in the league. if ever they had a chance to beat us it was this year, they havent got what it takes. I couldn’t see them reachin the heights they reached this year, age, miles on the clock, legs etc etc. they only played them extra games this year cause they couldn’t put teams away, 2 games to see off roscommon , gimme a break, roscommon were relegated, derry took them to extra time but should have beat them in normal time and put them out of their misery. Then we wouldn’t have to put up with all this sympathy bo**ix and fake player of the year awards, if Clarke and the moron had a pair between them they’d hand back them awards sayin they didn’t deserve them, but then again that’s about all they won this year. OVER RATED


If dublin are arguably the greatest team of all time and Mayo are the only team to consistently challenge them year in year out, surely they’re also a great, or at least a very good, team.

The alternative is that Dublin are actually not all that great but because the overall standard is shite they’re winning soft all Ireland’s.

You can’t have it both ways.


That is quite harsh, and I reckon the majority in here will disagree with you.
They have been consistently the best team in the country over the last four or five years, bar Dublin. They may well have won an All-Ireland or two but for them having to face the best team of its generation and the best Dublin team of all time.
Lee Keegan and Andy Moran would easily push for starting places on a current Dublin team. Keith Higgins would be close, also. He may be a year or two past his prime.
A few other Mayo players would be able to push for being good enough to be in an extended Dublin panel.
There is no shame in being second best over a few years to one of the game’s greatest ever teams.