All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


Agree with all of this …


As an aside, I recently came across the text of Con Houlihan’s piece in the Evening Press the next day. Painful reading, tempered only by the fact that it is written by this particular Kerrymen. Some Kerrymen writing on GAA matters these days could take note of Houlihan’s impartial, dulcet notes.


One of the few countrymen who moved here to earn his living … and appreciated that … instead of kicking the sh1te out of all things Dublin every chance he got like a lot of others …

Just saying …


Con Houlahan’s girlfriend was a Dub supporter. After the 1978 final massacre, someone asked him how she was taking it ?
He replied: “Not well, house private, no flowers”


I was on the Hill too. Were you the person with the tache?


Indeed he was. But I’d argue he was poor enough in 76 and I can’t really recall the 74 final to be honest. Must look at that soon. I thought he was woeful before being sent off against Galway in 83, and most of the other finals. I have nothing against Brian the player, in fact I worshipped him as a child, but his AI final appearances I always felt was why he missed out on so many All Stars. That’s all I’m saying. I’m obviously in either a) the minority or b) Only some of the few old enough to remember the games!!!



c) Still hurting from 15 days ago? :wink:


My memory of the 76 final was Mullins being a colossus but somebody probably saw him elbow a few people and handle the ball blatantly in the penalty area a couple of times, so I won’t wade in on this one.


Indeed. Apparently the Mun begrudgery to all things Vins runs very deep and very long …


No that was Freddie Mercury


Nowt to do with it ya mugsmasher!


I thought Mullins was one of the best around when he started with the Dubs and had some great battles, particularly with Kerry in the 70’s. Done very well to come back after his accident and get back playin with Dublin, but I always thought he struggled a bit after that. Fair play to him, a true Dub. On another note, fair play also to Denis, A great player and servant to the Dublin cause, he walks away with some collection of silverware. Best of luck Denis. Ath Cliath Abu


This has nothing to do with the recent posts but I met a chap from mayo last night and he told me that mayo have had the upper hand over Dublin since we’ve played each other from 2015 till the present. Ah yer right there ted say’s I and yis have the silverware to prove it. He looked at me for about 30 seconds and walked back over to the, corner he was sittin in and had a full blown conversation with himself about All-Irelands. There must be sometin in the water over there cause these chaps are gas, or else their on the oul mushrooms and very comfused. I see Jack and James Mc had to do a bit of defendin for the Dubs over the ozzie games, I think it might have been clerkin sturrin the shit, try’n to make a name for himself


Since 2015 in all competitions it’s

Dublin won 6
Drew 2
Mayo won 0

If they conclude to have the upper hand on us since 2015, it’s more delusional they are getting


He’s probably judging it by All Stars and Players of the Year …

Meanwhile, Stephen continues with the upper hands … both of them …



It was probably yer man revelino. I’d say a lot of them buy into the bulshit in the media.


Is this what we were like in the 90s ?


Ah yeah, I just let him rabbit on while I was breakin me boll*x laughin. When he said Clarke was a better keeper than Cluxton and deserved the #1 spot of the year I new he was on the mushrooms, when we got onto POTY I new there was no hope for the chap. andy moron was a fine player indeed but andy wouldn’t even make our panel. I mean in all honesty theres not 1 player on our panel we’d drop for moron. As long as mayo continue as they left off this year i’ll be very happy


Was the guy just collecting glasses and getting the odd free pint … like Bird O’Donnell in The Field …


he was a bit like the Bird alright, i’d say he blocked up a few chimneys on the way home. but I warned him Tadgh dont ever harm an animal