All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


That wasn’t a free, Barney caught the keepers kick out and returned it immediately catching the keeper off his line.

Sorry to be a pedant!


I stand corrected. I remember it now.


Sure he kicked it out of his hands , could nt have been a free of course back then. The hill was mental that day , crowded beyond any safety limit. I was only 12 too busy trying to stay alive!!


Yeah we couldn’t even get in. Went to Canal End and it was one of the most dangerous situations I ever experienced - everybody funneled down the narrow bottleneck to small turnstiles that were closed. How there was no major injuries or worse that day was a miracle tbh.


Were you on the Hill that day?


I was at the match on the hill, and to be honest he’s lucky he came out of croker with only a sore jaw. Pup


Eh yeah


I’ve a vague memory of the canal end for one of those matches as a kid and being terrified

After the game I wound up being dropped onto the railways tracks by my old man into some lads arms, I assumed it was to avoid being crushed but it’s possible they just wanted to get to the pub before the crowds :rofl:

Have memories of a few Limerick games down in Munster around that era and, in fairness it was as dangerous


Doh ! Walked into that one


Have a look back at the final this year or the semi final and Con’s goals and ye might change yer mind


Mullins was majestic in the replay in Cork in '83. I think it’s fair to say that if Mullins played well, Dublin played well.

Re Mayo in '85. I think it was in the drawn game… Mayo brought on a sub, a beast of a man - I think his name was Willie Maher… he was about 6’5… anyway… he’d had a couple of runs at the Dublin defence with a bit of success as nobody seemed to want to stand up to him…
and then Mick Holden did… Maher ran at him, ball in hand. Holden met him shoulder-to-shoulder but was knocked on his arse… Referee penalised Maher for charging/over-carrying, Holden got straight back to his feet as if to say “I don’t care - I’ll stop you again”.


Day of days!! Might be coming back with the Super 3/Mediocre 5 next season.


Was it 83?


Very similar to Bernard from 2.03 on here. Bernard for me though


Just a little refresher.


The giant that Mayo brought on was Tom Byrne. He was brought on to do a similar job to the one he did in the 1978 minor final when he came on near the end and destroyed Dublin with two goals scored through his height and bulk.
He was a Garda in Crumlin for a while and got badly injured on duty which I think finished his football career


Wasonthecanal in 82 but thought that was nt Dublin enough or iconic.


Aye a big unit alright.


He was superb that day, the whole team were. I think my view is valid though, I can’t remember him ever having a good AI final at all.


As I said, if Mullins clicked, maybe the whole team clicked. It could be argued that he played well in the '74 and '76 finals.
In '85 Dublin certainly came into the game when Mullins went off and Kearns went onto Jacko. In '84, the whole team may have stayed at home, not just Mullins. Hargan was brilliant in '83 for Dublin. But a full-back can be badly exposed by a full-forward if the opposition can lay the ball on a plate, time and time again for their full-forward. This happened in the first half of the drawn match against Cork (and John Allen) in '83 and in most of the '84 final against Kerry (Liston). Hargan looked brutal but he was left helpless by those further out.

Mullins was excellent in the first 20 minutes of the '78 final. Mick O’Dwyer was warming up a sub to take Jacko off, given Dublin’s supremacy. And then the sucker punches came, neither of which were the fault of Mullins.