All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


Think it was Tomas tierney who got the line for Galway. Poor ol talty was on the end of a belt .


Last time I help you so.


Tierney got lined alright and Peter Lee was also suspended. Tasty was busted at half time and didn’t come back out.


The corridors in old Croke Park were very slippy.


He was very u fortunate…

Christ if anyone ever deserved a good beating it was that ignorant bollix


Remember Mullins missed a couple of seasons after his car accident in June 1980 and did nt return to the panel till 82. AFAIK the 83 was his only championship sending off.


He generally played poorly in finals, that’s why.


I’ve never heard that charge made against Mullins before.


True and I supposed also marking Jacko every time they played from 76 onwards which he generally came out 2bd best in


I’ve watched the games 20 times over. Very mediocre or even poor in finals and the sending off in 83. Contributed very little on the big days. Heffo loved him though and rarely took him off. Remember in particular 84 and 85 where Dublin only started to get into the games when Mullins was substituted. I always thought that’s why he had such a low number of all stars.


He scored a really good goal from a tight angle against Kerry in 1976. It might be true that he was quiet in Finals, I never heard that before.


Did brilliantly to come back at all but wouldn’t hold 84 or 85 against him - we were on the slide. Wouldn’t agree at all - was massive when it really counted. Then again I never bought into the Whelo never lasted 70 minutes either …


@Wasonthehill83 my bad…my memory must be going!


I was not born yet in 85 but anyone remember the 85 semi final draw and replay…? Dublin v Mayo. A great goal from Padraig Brogan and a broken jaw for John Finn of Mayo…

Mayo done well in the drawn game but apparently missed our chance and were beaten in he replay with a bit to spare…


Yeah was at both. Canal end for drawn game hill for replay. Mayo finished 1st game strongly . Brogan s goal was something else but Dublin were the better team in replay although I think a 12 year old willie joe reckons money , the ref , home advantage , artane boys band playing cockles and muscles slightly longer than whatever mayo s song is(forgive my ignorance) showed gaa wanted a Dublin win. Re John Finn , can t recall seeing it happen at the time and no footage of the incident has ever been shown to the best of my knowledge.


Probably the best goal ever that I saw




Mayo Minors won the All-I that year, and got a fabulous reception from the Hill. A Mayo journalist wrote a nice piece about it in the EP after.


Case of mistaken identity there i believe - the Galway lad that should have got the line gets the piss taken out of him by his mates saying they would have won the all Ireland if he was sent off instead of Tierney.


It was a chaotic game . Heffo running across the pitch as Barney was taking the free from which he scored the goal. Galway 2 extra men in the second half were a joke.