All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


He has forced multiple rule changes. The Mark is one, the new rule about the ball having to travel over the 20m line is being introduced specifically to target the short kickout Cluxton employs.

I can think of no higher accolade for a player’s influence on the game, then when they have to change the rules each year to try and make it fairer on the chasing pack. And I have no doubt whatsoever that we as a team, will find a way to work this to our advantage.


Cluxtons omission beggars belief…andy Moran I felt was a worthy poty…didn’t our own Bernard win poty in 2010 and Dublin only made the semi…


Said it before , they are the people’s champions .


They are also the medias champions personified by joe molloy.


They are Champions of Sweet Fcuk All.


True and clucko doesn’t give the square root of ten fucks about an all star!


Cluxton is the most decorated captain of all time

He’s also played more championship games than anyone in the history of the game


He is also the Best Goalkeeper in the country.



Cluxton has five all stars as far as I know . O Leary also on 5 . Does any other Dub have more ?


All true comments I wouldn’t disagree with, and him, McCarty and the other Dublin players wouldn’t swap 1 All-Ireland for 10 All-stars, but it would be only right that either Cluxton or James Mc should have got POTY. Can anyone imagine if Kerry tyrone or mayo had dominated football in this decade the way the DUBS have, and one of their players didn’t get POTY they’d be lookin for a general strike. All this shite about the amount of games mayo played, for sake they simply couldn’t bate what was in front of them ,clarke ahead of Cluxton, gimme a break.That just says it all. If Kerry had won 5 from 7 All-Irelands and an o se didn’t get POTY there would be murder down in the ring, geaney had no reason to get an All-Star ahead of McManus from monaghan, but it would be bad history makin if there wasn’t a Kerry man on the All-Star team, another sympathy All-Star, All due respect to mickey harte but he was simply out foxed by Jim the Genius, tyrone were simply destroyed because we Destroyed them and dictated everything in the game . I said here a few wks back the All-Stars would tell the tale and that’s what happened. It would be nice though for our lads to be recognised, for what they are and what they’ve achieved , but then again we’re DUBS so FCUK them all, Roll on 18


… I hate to tell you @Dub95, but …


well spoted lad, that was just the last little bit of venom comin out of me


that clown is as bad as parkinson, a sad sad


Robbie kelliher and Anton O’Toole have four each and that lead the way from Heffo’s are. If the fact that Brian Mullins the most dominant player of his generation only had two all stars it tells all you need to know about them. When I look back to darker times and Coman Goggins won Dublins first all star in a long time, it was celebrated thankfully we now in such a great era we forget from year to hear. Long may we forget who wins all stars cause were winning all Ireland’s.


In my opinion Mullins got so few because he was generally poor in All Ireland finals. Very rarely performed in the decider.


was he sent off during the year in many of those years ? a sending off was automatic exclusion


83 final he got sent off. I know cause I was on the hill in 83.


Yeah, along with Dully and Ray Hazely, plus Brian Talty for Galway. The 12 apostles! :sunglasses:


I know 83, was trying to remember if any earlier year a sending off early in champ ??