All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


I understand what yer sayin alright but I dont think he has the smarts to be a wind up merchant, Keith Barr had to breast him on givin Dublin the credit they deserved for doin the 3 in a row and ye could hear it in his voice it was killin him. Then later on TSG Des asked could Dublin do 4 and tomas replied, they could do 5, i’d hate to see it but they could. No matter how much respect Kerry have for Dublin they dont want us to achieve any more than they have. as for wacko jacko I’ve listened to him when he’s been on after Dubs games so he must suck an awfull lot of lemons


Exactly - we’re a nation of begrudgers.


Donegal emptied the tank against us in '14 & but for a brain fart from the keeper I think they would have beaten Kerry .That goal was as sickening as they come & Durkin had lost all his bottle after that mistake .The team were rattled too .Difference is we regrouped in '15 and should have beat them out the gate in that final .That '14 win for them probably was like our '83 win .
In '75 the minors have been transitioned to the first team .We haven’t seen much of that with this current team except for Barry & Savage .And by the sounds of it a huge effort was put in to keep Clifford in Ireland so that he would be available for the seniors next year .Kerry are in big trouble ATM & there could be a few retirements this winter . If these minors were ready now , wed have seen more of them by now . Clifford might change things dramatically but its been a very long time since they’ve needed someone to change their fortunes . There’s a good bit of dead wood that needs to be sent out to the wood chipper . And Mayo will never fear Kerry like they have in the past after this year .Thats voodoo that Kerry had over teams is non existant now in regards to Mayo & ourselves .
This is probably they worst period since '86-'97 .They’ve won 1 AI in the last 8 years , I expect that to be 1 in 9 after next year .


some shite and sour grapes being thrown around by ex-kirrra players who cant admit that dublin are better than them without bringing up how much kerry won in the 80s, noughties, etc. None of them can say it outright without trying to dilute it by saying previous kerry teams were better or dublin havent won as much etc etc. a few facts wouldnt do any harm. That kerry team of the 00s wouldnt lace the boots of this dublin team! they could bate shite cork and mayo teams and as soon as they me teams who were at the races they folded. each and every time, not once but 4 times and 5 times if you include our ambush in 2011. not once in 5 attempts could they close out a final against top teams (tyrone, dublin, armagh). not once in 3 attempts could they bate tyrone. add in the fact that this dublin team have one 4 consecutive leagues, ever increasing in importance as a competition, and you see the difference between legends and losers. and by the way, winning an all-ireland in 1980 and 2017 are 2 COMPLETELY different things. our 5 over the last 7 years surpasses spillane’s team although he cant admit it, especially when you add in the leagues. another all-ireland in the next 3 years and there is no question but i still wouldnt expect any of them to admit it.


It’s usually the same few eejits that post on all the online sites with their bile so much so that you get to recognise the names. It’s funny the same names that were insulting our players all year long are the same people seething that none of them are representing them in the international rules. You couldn’t make it up.


That’s bang on, we’ll never get the credit we deserve and if we were to win the next 5 All -Irelands we still wouldn’t get it, particularly from the keepers of the flame. they want to go down as the best of all time. They keep harpin on about how great mayo and Kerry are but forget to mention how great the team that beat them was when it came to semi finals and finals including replays. since mayo last won Connaught, we’ve only won 2 leagues, got to a league final [only to be beatin by the width of a post go to extra time and win it ], made history in leinster and then went on to complete the treble. so I wish they’d shut the f…k up about how great mayo are, they’ve won. . fcuk all since 15. As I said here before the all-stars will tell the tale. But no matter how many national titles or pieces of silverware we’ve won , the sympathy vote will head to the wesht,


Maccer says Keegan’s GPS fling was “genius, I wish I’d thought of it”. No doubt Maccer will now get labelled a cynic and a bad example. Ha! Brilliant stuff Maccer. :grin:


Ah sure what do ye expect, any opportunity to have a dig at the Dubs, they just cat help themselves. Some of the best players in the country have to go head to head next wk and then the leinster championship before the crimbo so im sure they have a little bit more on their minds than the international rules


I’d say we would be even more maligned if we did that .The boat has sailed as far as getting the credit we deserve . We keep beating the peoples champions too so even more distain is heaped on us .The media went out of their way to come up with reason to take away from this team . It wasn’t evident in '11 but began to show its face after '13. It really came to a head the last two years .There was never this much attention shown towards Tyrone or Kerry in the noughties so that’s why their wins don’t have shade on them like ours .
The only thing we need to do is stick two fingers up at the rest of the country & enjoy the wins .Because you can be sure as hell they are waiting for this to come to its logical conclusion & stick the boot in again .And it will .But we have the systems in place to ensure success for the forseeable future .


I think this team will get the accolades they deserve but will probably have to wait a bit longer for it to more nationally acknowledged. When people in years to come realise how hard it is to do what we are doing now the tributes will be flying. Having said that people who know their GAA( explayers and managers alike) have constantly said what a great side this team is,
Amazingly its people who know nothing about GAA and a few bitter journos that are looking for click bait that seem to be causing the most upset and setting the scene.
Im not too bothered about them, Hopefully we are still a work in progress and in 4 or 5 years the discussion on how great this team can be had .
For now it’s more reason for these lads to drive on , use the criticism to create a strong team bond , also Brogan and Flynn staying on can only be positive for the set up and training sessions.
2018 looks bright.


Just have to say what a farce last night, keeper of the year and player of the year. Disgraceful


100% agree…it’s a farce that poor Mayonaise did so well in comparison to the team who won 3 in a row. What does Cluxton have to do to receive the credit he is entitled to? And I don’t mean move West !


This totally beggars belief. Cluxton, on the way to becoming the first player in GAA history to captain four winning teams also conceeded TWO goals along the way. Clarke conceeded 8. By virtue of Clarke’s All star, Cluxton finished behind two losers in the POTY voting. LOL my swiss. An absolute disgrace and an affront to boot. 1951 until forever.


Mate suggested Clarke was nominated for poty to cover all the bases to ensure he got the all star .Think that’s the first time 4 players were nominated for poty . Cards were rigged from the start on this one me thinks .


Delighted for all the bitters out there, they will continue to choke on the outcome and legacy of all this sort of thing, never learn. This isn’t 1984, no great KOTF team to come along and restore acceptable order for them. Very short-sighted, only shallow media and trivia junkies will recite who won or didn’t win what or how many All Shtars in years to come. We on the other hand will enjoy the argument year in, year out because it only really matters to sad bitters, and we can just throw it at them and the trophies won every time it comes up.


Dublin won 7 all stars the most since 1995 - it should have been more with cluxton robbed of one by bitter media - but as you say who cares

Mayo are getting increasingly sympathy votes by the year and get a easy ride from their own supporters - I’m not sure it benefits them - they are actually better off with a siege mentality


All he needs to do is open his sock drawer and count his medals.


In the lead up to almost every game the media devote massive attention to how to stop the Dubs. Usually it is to attack the kick outs from Cluxton. Press up on them, utilise the double line as used by Kerry or defend deeply etc. Cluxton is the man they fear and have feared for years. He has “forced” a change in the rules by being responsible for the introduction of the Mark.
I note a few comments in relation to the number of All Ireland’s he has captained Dublin to in the past few years, but how many League titles has he won too in the same period?


As captain? 2 I think.


He was captain for all four wins 2013-2016.

He has also captained 5 Leinster wins.