All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


To lose 4 finals in 5 seasons and the last 3 to the same team by a point is unbelievable , unexplainable ,etc it really is .By the laws of averages you would think with the margins so tiny they would have to win one , just based on the law of averages .


Dublin are simply the better team, that explains it all


You could make the same point with us in regards to losing one , yet we’ve managed to prevail on each & every occasion . When they are better than us over the 70 odd minutes they will prevail ( stating the absolute obvious there ).


Heard whacko jacko on radio after semi final and after some other game earlier in the Summer. He most definitely has a big issue with Dublin. Would kill him to say anything positive about us. Keith Barr went after him on the semi final radio discussion. Enjoyed that! For whacko to state that Mayo are best team over past 6 years makes him look silly / pathetic. Dublin have beaten Mayo 9 times, drawn 3 and lost once in that time, have won 5 All Irelands and 4 leagues. Yep Jacko can see where you’re coming from.

By chance caught the OTB interview on Thurs eve with Paul Galvin. He is interesting character and definitely ‘out there’ with some of his views. He couldn’t however have been more effusive in his praise and admiration for this Dublin team, how they play the game and what they’ve achieved. However when he was asked how this Dublin team would have done vs his Kerry teams of 2004 and 2009 that won All Irelands his view was that they definitely would beat this Dublin team. Don’t agree with him but would be interesting topic for debate.


Game was different back then .We’ve also seen how when anyone actually put it up to Kerry they don’t like it up them . Armagh , Tyrone , etc of that period . I still reckon Tyrone had a better team than them during that era .They won 3 handy AIs during that period .This current Dublin team would match up well with them.


Bumped in to him in croker cpl years ago ,was slagging him about picking the ball up in the square in the 85 all ireland against us " sure I never picked up any ball in the square " he said laughing his head off.


Think he stood on the Hill for a few Dublin games but stopped around the time he said that CK was junior football standard.


That was a,really odd comment .Had it anything actually to back up that ?


Galvin was one of the few journalist who in his post game analysis pointed out where the game was won by dublin , even pointing out that Barrett had a poor game !!!.. Had little sympathy with mayo n full praise for dubs… In relation to his comments re dublin v Tyrone n Kerry era his point was reasonable that he felt they would have lost a few games against them …

On the point of this team getting the deserved credit or not … I felt If we win this one the knockers wud simply have to choke and acknowledge … Actually the opposite was true and the begrudey has got worse even to the point of downrite lies about the last mins … Kimmage was a disgrace but thankfully Luke Fitzgerald exposed him nationally for the bully he is …


Think he just wanted to have a go at Dublin. No real reason outside of that.


Our dominance must be eating him up ATM .


Oh yeah & the rest of his county brethren :grinning:

And long may it eat away at him.


Like Fitz made a Diddee out of himself in a 1 on 1 debate against cabbage. Cabbage done the damage to himself in coming across as total nutjob. Hope the ducker gets his karma.


Saw de 1 on 1 and think fitz did quite well … Held his cool n manners n in de end kimmage realized he had been exposed as a bully and was almost speechless … My perception of it but again kimmage was beyond belief with the whole thing


The more pertinent question may be could we have beaten Tyrone. Kerry certainly couldn’t …


I was drunk and crankie . Apologies.


The whole country except the hurling counties that is


Or maybe he’s just on a wind-up for the sake of media/reaction. That has always seemed to be his SOH, to take the p. We all know Jacko’s public persona quite well, he is great friends with the Dubs teams of the 70s & 80s, alot of mutual respect there. But you could be right, maybe it was all pure yerra that Kerry-Dublin special relationship and behind it all was the fact that Kerry had proven themselves the better team and now can’t accept Dublin being the best.
Would never call him bitter though. The comments about CK were odd. As TLR has often said, I’d love to see CK crack on in a more attacking role in the next year or two and really become that true great we know he is/will be.


There’s something in all of that but in fairness there were also the 84 & 85 finals, and the Qtr final Vs Armagh in 06, and again the final in 2014, all examples of close, tough battles against major opposition.

Personally I feel that Dublin 83 team won it too soon, and never fully recovered from all the fallout, both the good and bad stuff. Also they were a bit too ‘footballing’ (compared to the 70s team) and lost out a bit physically (which was still a major factor in those days, as further proven when Meath came through). It’s funny but I feel like the current Kerry era is quite like that era for Dublin, when you think about 2014, they won it out of the blue almost, with a few of the old greats left, and a rake of newer unknowns, and a great new dawn was predicted especially with the minor success but they lost the following year’s final, then the semi-final last year, and seem to have gone somewhat backwards since.

The old guard are all but gone, and you could compare there league win this year with Dublin’s in 87, a last hurrah for the heros of 1983/2014 respectively. Having said all that their run of minor success mirrors what they had in the early 1970s doesn’t it?
One more thing about the Dublin 80s team, they became successful and attempted to become a dominant team based more on pace and all-out attack (in comparison with the 70s team), which has some interesting parallels with the Gavin era.


My comment had nothing to do with where the commentators are from.