All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


Not to mention that Berno tends to get blocked down a lot against Mayo in injury time in finals ( including the second minute of injury time in same game, lucky kevinMc turned over Mayo 30 seconds later ) -

Scully heard the whistle but if the play continued I’d say he would have kept going with the ball until an obvious overlap but I’m still glad the ref blew up !!


Correct …


Philly on Late Late now.


No there wasn’t . Rubbish .


It’s local radio and it’s emotion…in that moment they are saying what every Mayo person is feeling. People taking joy from that…well whatever floats your boat


I accept your argument . But you also have to consider the complete lack of respect the GAA community has shown this Dublin team . It’s been a sporting disgrace .


That does Mayo people a disservice. I seriously doubt if every single Mayo person was thinking about cruelty and sadism, or what Mayo players did or did not deserve. They were thinking about what was going on out on the pitch & the specifics of the game itself - which is what Carney should have been commentating on & not the over the top nonsense he was actually spewing.


It’s like a big injection that keeps going on! Ah hahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahah!


“An awful injection”, get it right! Is it just me or does the guy have a Meath accent? That’s part of the funnyness.


No there wasn’t what?

Now that sort of post is a good example of rubbish.


What dooo we have to doooooooo


I’m already on record here as saying the commentary around Dublin winning as been madness. We all want respect for our counties and will always stand up and back our own…when your all Ireland champions though it doesent really matter does it?

Put it this way…if Mayo won three in a row the whole country would be fed up of us…we seen it when Armagh, Tyrone, the Clare hurlers all made breakthroughs…people soon get fed up of winners.


A bit of fairness and respect is always nice though it’s been particularly hard this year for Dublin fans when one of our so called own paul cabbage brought the criticism to a whole new level. It’s easy to kick a team when they are up as well as down.

Media in general in this country leaves a lot to be desired. Though I see the managing editor Neill O’Neill of the mayo news passed away at a very young age. Shocking. He done a good job with that paper considering regional papers are been overwhelmed by national titles and online outlets. Rip.


They never got the caustic attack’s from journalists and media outlets this team got . In fact the whole country was behind kilkennys 5 in a row bid .


Caustic is right with serious levels of begrudgery and dislike.


Actually yes it does. I’d argue it matters more. What is the point in asking amateurs for so much to reach the pinnacle only for when they get there to treat them the way the media have done?

It’s shameful, disgusting and cowardly and anyone agreeing with it or wondering why people are annoyed over it would want to have a look in the mirror.


I don’t think you should take what the culchie media think personally Bohemiendub - I know the players don’t - dublin players are adored amongst their own supporters and that’s all that matters as well as the five all Ireland’s in seven years

It suits the team to have a bit of a siege mentality actually against culchies


Do you think we will be the team of the Teenies? I suppose it’s between us and Kerry with their Sam and one League. Or Donegal. Couldn’t include Mayo or Tyrone. Hope we get it.


Well we will have to win the next 2 just to be sure. Because as it is according wacko Jacko O’Shea mayo have been the best team of the last 6 years!


I heard wacko jacko sayin that meself, but in the words of podge and rodge, it’ll be a cold day in Tullamore before we get any praise from that fella. Accordin to himself isn’t Ciaran Kilkenny only a junior player… After listenin to him on the marty squad just after the final i’d say he went home to the ring, took out his little doll of Jim Gavin and started stickin pins in it. Oh that can be a bitter little man when it comes to the DUBS