All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


I just heard that, o rourke just couldn’t help himself. as this shite fadin away he had to get another little dig in at the dubs. but that wont be the end of it. they’ll be at it again come the all stars. Fcuk them. UP THE DUBS


Martin Breheny yesterday made reference to “how long it took dean rock to take that free” while ignoring the full minute it took mayo to make a substitution between the foul being awarded and dean being allowed to take the free itself.

It’s as if these people can’t access the you tube or the RTÉ player and just write based on a vague memory of what happened.


So September 2nd 2018 is the football final…see ye there :wink: We play Galway on Jan 2nd in the FBD league which is only 13 weeks away. Up Mayo.


aaahhhh your gas


If we meet most likely in the semi-final


All those other people you mentioned… all have/had a large Heffo hand on their head/back. They were on his shoulders in fact. Great Dub GAA people, there’s many others too, but the point stands.




And if Brogan had got the ball from Scully it was in the back of the net, There was no one near him , but the whistle was blown . Only for that after the 22 passes we probably would have won by 4 but I think the ref knew that and blew it up to save mayo more agony


There was a Mayo back closing in, the ball was well out in front of Brogan, he probably would have won it but would have had to beat yer man, and the goaly. Knowing Brogan I would say he would have taken it on, protected the ball, and played out time, waited for back-up, as he doesn’t have the pace anymore to just burn off most top level backs. He would have known he couldn’t afford to allow a potential greater risk of turnover or quick kickout if the game was still on.


Scully to Brogan, you say…

Berno had a Mayo man closing in on him, you say…

Gosh, must watch this one more time then, just to make sure… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Never get tired of listening to them two , like a Greek tragedy every time :joy:


And Carney will still report for duty with RTE next year

Neck like a jockeys bollix


And he won’t becwont but biased either. Not one single but.


No malice in that challenge … it must be aaaaggghhhhh :poop:


I wonder did carney feel like that about when he was playing for Donegal? And I don’t he even said it must be said, then again when your as emotional as that I surprised he got any words out.


It’s so so so so so so…hilarious :grin:


Riiiiight. So that lad in the green and red, running towards Brogan from the Cusack side at 2:50/51, with the ball out in front of Brogan, he was a supporter? Well feck it and sh*** & onions in anyways, Mayo Mick strikes again!!

Have to say, “it’s like an awful injection that just goes on and on” makes me think of the operating theatre in the Muppet Show, “Dr. Bob, I think we’ll have to give him the awful injection, and just keep giving it!”.

“Worse than cruel, it’s a kind of sadism” says as much as I want to know about MC’s shadow life, it must be said.


Reminds me of this



To be fair to Martin , and it must be said he was gushing about us in his commentary in the minutes after the '11 final . Certainly wears his feelings on his sleeve :joy: