All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


I was in Navan in 1973 as a ten year old when we lost to Louth and it was abysmal, I dont remember crowd being large at all. I was in Croke Park on Easter Sunday when Dublin won the “Easter Cup” V Sligo , i think, I d say there was 2,000 or so there. League matches were held in Croke park too in front of similar crowds .
Even club games at old Parnell park had tiny crowds at them , I d say 5,000 or so at most for a county final , if even that . Without the 1970s team GAA would be like what AIL Club Rugby is now , at best


the 70s team then led pretty directly to the setting up of many clubs int he newly built suburbs also in late 70s like Marks, Olafs, Judes


All the posts re Heffo and the 70s team above are correct as is the comment re the new clubs - I was on the first ever St Marks team in 75 as a fresh young fella playing u12!!!.


probably one of the failings of current adminstrations is the failure to develop clubs in new suburbs rather than increasing the size of some already overloaded clubs.

Adamstown is the last club I can remember being formed and it lasted what, 3 or 4 years before being absorbed into Lucan


To be honest I never encountered where you couldn’t admit to going to a GAA game back then, but I am sure there are parts of Dublin it happened in - I am sure there still is. When I was playing back then you only knew who you knew and I sort of assumed everyone played GAA. I don’t disagree that the Dublin team of the 70s didn’t resurrect Dublin GAA from a low ebb, of course they did. But there is a perception out there that they were the first good Dublin team with a good following, they weren’t, there were teams of the 50s and 60s who got very big crowds. The reason the Dublin teams of the late 60s and early 70s weren’t getting big crowds is because they weren’t very good.

Yes, the 70s team were responsible for new people getting into the game, as I am sure the current team is. But some of these people who came to the game because of the 70s team (especially those who became journalists) assumed that nothing went before them. I think there is a slight, but unintended, disrespect there to the likes of the Foleys, Snitchy Ferguson, Jim Lavin and all those guys who were among the best in the country 15 years before some in the media would have us think the game was invented in Dublin.


I remember getting Des Foley’s autograph at a game and there was a crowd of youngsters around him - so he would have been seen as a star in those days before 1974.
A while back I was talking to a Dubs fan who was at the 1963 final about those players. I asked him did he know Snitchy Ferguson. “oh yes, I had to lock him up at night for a while”. (I was talking to a prison officer and Ferguson spent some time inside for patriotic activities!)


There was no traction of those teams because a lot of the clubs in Dublin were dominated by country players
You had Vincent’s in those years and largely nothing else . They were virtually the only club that had an all Dublin team ( how tones have changed in 2017)
Hence why the game never took off . The Dublin public didn’t take to those teams because nothing was promoted on the back of it
Heffo created a movement and the reason why he was so successful at it was because he’d played in the 50s and saw the mistakes made .


Des and Lar were such big names that they got elected TDs back then, so the GAA wasn’t as ignored in Dublin as some would have us believe. From the early 50s onwards I think the tide was starting to turn against the country players dominating in Dublin


There was a very sparse crowd in Croker when the Dubs played Offaly in the Leinster Quarter final in’74.
We were 17-18 at the time. All paid in the u-14’s gate as usual. We were in the Hogan, That in itself was unusual. Offaly were reigning Leinster champions and we weren’t overly optimistic given our run of early championship exits. We won by a point and a hundred or so invaded the pitch. We were floating on air.
Heffo’s Army gained serious momemtum after that. We paid into every match that year at the U-14 gate including the final. 20p into the Canal End. The halcyon days…


I was 14 in 74 … I played Gaa but I can assure u I never heard one conversation bout the dublin football team … It simply didn’t exsist … With the bbc n people see crowds / supporters it was latched onto by the dubs n de hill n suddenly Gaa was fun n nearest u cud get to been a fan in de soccer sense … Thankfully it lived on from there n we have always been there or thereabouts … But whatever about 50 n 60 they were irrelevant coz tv n mass media as we know it did not exsist


I think one of the teams from the 3 in a row in the 20s was a st marys saggart team dont know how many were imagine alot.


Egging them on no doubt …


In those tough times, how much did you have to shell out to go in?


Is it time to resurrect that competition?


Heard a few lads on the hill were crucified .


Sent you on a few of those beers, they might help you see what really happened, I notice you have chosen to ignore my post where that real facts of what happened are given, not your perception of it, you are entitled to your view, but you really shouldn’t go down the road of belittling others and especially when it turns out the one who is wrong is you on this occasion.:wink:


You could throw in failure by CB to develop clubs in working class areas too


Eh? The Limerick one?


Pauric Duffy being interviewed by Sean O’Rourke.

Mentioned they would look at Gooch testimonial situation going forward.

He completely rubbished splitting Dublin in 3 … or even 2.

Sean O’Rourke made a big deal of the last two minutes of the All Ireland Final - ridiculous the way this has been blown up to be something it most certainly was not … God they hate a successful Dublin team … wooo hooo!


Duffy has never supported a split Dublin campaign . He knows what his revenue numbers look like