All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


I think the media do call us one of the greatest ever teams to be fair - they just call us cynical also which is unfair


This guy is either a complete header or the pic is photoshopped .


I challenge you to point out the missed chances on each side, compare the degree of difficulty and come up with how Mayo should have been five points ahead or anything near it. Flynn, Con O C, Paddy Andrews and Dean Rock all missed decent chances, off the top of my head I can’t think of more but there were, O’Gara was within a whisker of setting up a fairly good goal chance,
Mayo may have had a bit more ball I don`t, they deffo had the rte commentators ranting and raving, but the reality was they were no better .
I watched the game with this in mind and as it went on I was wondering when all this dominance was going to start and it simply didn’t, we were poor, but they were just as bad, they only difference I saw was that they stuck over some really nice points, but to an extent that reminded me of us in 2014, it was highly unlikely they were going to keep going over for 70 mins.


That’s fair enough . You’re entitled to your opinion I’ve watched it three times . I’ve looked at the stats and I’ve counted the turnovers and I disagree with absolutely everything above


Watching the first half last night for first time , COC had 2 Hollywood shots and a bad missed free as well ,and I think Jason Doherty had 2 bad attempts as well .The only bad wides/attempts we had were rock from 45 and a free and ,a wild kick from Flynn and a scorable wide from Andrews .


Lee keegan straight into keepers hands was very poor. Tom Parsons missed a sitter too
I counted at least five scores Mayo should have got and two at a push for Dublin


Based on amount of ball Mayo had / won they should have been few points ahead. But you’re completely ignoring the fact that they weren’t good enough to make or take the chances to be further ahead. Same as every other year we’ve played them. Bottom line Mayo are not good enough! Dublin are & co tinie to be better than Mayo. Simple as!


I never said at any juncture Mayo deserved anything . I’m simply stating what transpired in the first half and selection and substitute choices neatly handed the game to mayo


We are celebrating and we are delighted and we are enjoying our victory. We’re just sick of all the bullshit have had to put up with in the immediate aftermath. Of course we’re going to defend our own and get pissed off when people are not willing to give credit where credit is due.

You have had plenty of big wins of your own, that were discussed ad nauseum afterwards? Why shouldn’t we do the same, just because the last game for all the marbles is done and dusted? Hic…:beer::beer::beer:


just finished watching second half of final tonight , when clarke kicked the ball out over the side line after rocks point it went out around the 35 m line , dubs had 22 passes right back to their own endline to keep possession with a man less than mayo , incredible stuff.


I wasn’t too far away from Brogan when he was on the sideline .He was making this beckoning motion . Cue flashbacks to '11 when he was summoning Stephen up to take the free . Then panic set in & I’m thinking hes looking for Connolly & a repeat of the first final last year . Then to add to my dread where the ball is been passed around like a hot potato & ends up with Stephen again & it looks like we are trouble . I knew we were sorted when the ball landed in Scullys hands . But that was the longest two minutes I can ever remember .


balls of steel to do what they did , it gets intercepted and it ends up in the back of the net and we lose


And then “Dublin” Joe who’d forgotten he had a watch blows like f**k when he realizes Scully was putting Kev right in on goal :rofl:


Yep , I had the distinct impression that Joe was out of ideas & had to face the fact the horse had bolted for Mayo .It was beautiful to watch Scully with the ball .
The fairytale was over again for Mayo .What’s …


I thought Scully did quite well when he came on. He was solid all year when asked. Great engine and skillful to boot. Find of the year apart from Con.
Diarmo’s influence on a game when Kilkenny was nullified by Keegan
was huge. The only ball he wasted was his left footed ‘angel raper’ late in the game. He may have taken too many steps for his gargantuan point but was fouled a couple of times so Joe let it go and rightly so.
As they say in the States,:wink: "down the stretch the Dubs had too much."
Should have been vaunted yet were villified by the culchie media. Three in a row is almost an afterthought. FCUK THEM.


Guy has bags of potential .He was played in the forwards when he was u21 . If he makes the same progress Mannion has he could be very important for us . Flynn made a huge step up from 2010 to 2011. Scully could also in the next few years . He reminds me of McCarthy. Does the simple things very well.


Great video clip…also shows the number of Mayo supporters racing out of the Hogan Stand when Clarke fluffed his kick out. Memories of Cork supporters rushing to catch the early train home!!!


Cannot believe it’s 3 weeks ago already FFS !!!


The Jack Mc injury changed the whole game plan. I think Jim went along with , well lets see how we go and it wasn’t workin . Still we were only a point down at half time and he changed things. watchin the game again Connolly and Kevin Mc were brilliant when introduced. It wasn’t that mayo were spectacular in the 1st half we were still adjustin to Jack goin off. mayo didn’t take advantage of that and the score board tells that at half time. If that had been the Dubs and mayo lost someone like little leeroy. we would have taken full advantage. watcin the game ovor and over we were the far superior team. to win it by 1 or 10 it dosent matter. the only thing that matters is Sam is stayin in the capital till we do the 5. Up The Dubs


That’s the difference really .The quality of our bench hasn’t been matched by any opposition yet .Tbf those two are starters but then you have Bernard & Flynn there too .Hope to god Flynn has a good go of it next year with no injuries . I think he’s a lad who needs to start to get a good performance out of him . A return of Paul '14 would be most welcome but probably not likely at this stage .