All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017



Looking at the video there it’s crazy the amount of tickets mayo got for that game relative to us - sorry for spoiling your party non dubs!

And as for Clarke’s last kick out - let’s just say he must have a brother who works for the all star / player of the year committee - that was terrible


Short of putting Mayo in a wheelbarrow and wheeling them over the line the powers that be must be scratching their heads thinking would we not have been better investing all the advantage in Sligo or Leitrim for our fairytale ending.


That’s ridiculous how few dubs were there. Also laughable the crying about the “systematic pulling and dragging”. One player got tore out of it for committing one of the most unsporting acts I can remember. That’s all that happened. I’ve watched that video and the Midwest radio one simultaneously. If Carney ends up on the national broadcaster again after that they can stick their licence where the sun doesn’t shine. Pathetic behaviour.


The great mayo supporters leaving before full time too when it was nt that inconceivable that they could have still snuck a draw. Can t for the life of me understand people leaving a tight match before the full time whistle. They should be photographed and banned for life( I m only exaggerating slightly)


Did you notice the best supporters in the world leaving before the final whistle !


Jesus lads will ye go and enjoy your victory. Too much giving out here and over analysing but that’s just my opinion. If I am ever lucky enough to witness Mayo win an All Ireland I would still be on the beer come October 7th…ye are after winning 3 in a row it must be an unreal feeling…

Got back to club championship here last week and heading to 2 games this evening, its a great tonic I must admit to get the mind away from September.

Only 13 weeks to the FBD league


Fair play to you Mayoman, you have a great attitude, but in fairness, and it has nothing to do with Mayo as imagine it would happen with other counties too, but how anyone could leave an All Ireland final with only one score in it, is beyond me.


The vast majority of Mayo fans did not move until the whistle…some started when Dublin played keep ball…everyone knew the game was up.

I waited until the presentation was over but that was more to do with “hands in head” syndrome than anything else although I did manage to clap your captain as I believe in respecting all teams.


Still in disbelief


How many beers as you were watching t ? Can you send some over to me . Sounds like good stuff


Video clearly shows the only person dragged down was keegan and I reckon that was purely because Kilkenny saw him throw the GPS. So the whole cynical Dublin dragging players down at the end is a total lie. Fabrication at its finest.


The facts didn’t stop that weasel sh1t Kimnage spouting his Dublin are cheats lies all over the media over the following two weeks. Him and a number of other journalists who never saw or bothered to watch back what happened at end of the game. Even through last couple of days our good Mayo pal David Brady is in the papers calling for action to be taken re Dublin cynicism at end of the final. It’s the lies, double standards and hypocrisy that grates here.

Great video clip that. Atmosphere and celebrations on the Hill after all the tension through the last 20 mins was brilliant. As I mentioned previously bar 2011 it was best / most enjoyable win :grinning:


Any link for that ?


Don’t have link but it was article in ‘de Cawk Examiner’ couple of days ago.


You sound too reasonable to be a mayo man . Can you have a word with willie joe on that mayo blog , a huge injection of sense needed there. Apparently they re lining up the pope s visit as next years excuse already.


Some very good posters over there too including your truly ;). In fairness I think some of ye are too focused on what is said on a Mayo gaa blog…like here things will be viewed thorough different shades.

Imagine if it was Mayo that beat Dublin in the last three finals by a point…what would be the talk here?

People talk about mental scares on a team but can the same be applied to fans? We all invest a lot of emotion in our county and when things are going well it’s great but when it goes pear shaped it can do strange things to people.

Just like a the quiet man who goes into a club game and becomes a different person…we all know that person don’t we


I’d say mayoman the talk woukd be the same - the Dublin team selection and why O’Gara should not have started etc.


Exactly, more on, who cares what some other guy thinks.

As for scars, lot of mentally scarred Dubs about, and just from the naughties.


No idea but I can guarantee you Mayo wouldn’t be getting the comment in the media that Dublin are. They would be correctly praised for being the greatest team of all time. But that’s not what’s happening is it? And there will be Dublin fans standing up for our boys, like there was and still is mayo lads sticking up for Keegan for people commenting on how he should have been black carded in last year’s first day out.