All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


It absolutely was.


David Brady on the Thursday before the match in the off the ball show in the Olympia said that o gara would start, to much amusement from the audience.


You don’t know that. OGara got very little ball. And the wrong ball. He was unlucky in trying to set up the goal chance, a small pull from the Mayo back as he passed.


With a better executed handpass he could have put Andrews in for a goal chance. And he got a point. The big problem was the lack of options to kick decent ball in.


Ball winning is his trademark


Mayo back pulled OGara’s arm as he was about to lay ball off. Subtle & very effective


Has anyone analysed the details of the main first half plays? I’d be interested to see the possession stats and why it went the way it did. What did Mayo do that was so effective, or were we just not up to the pitch of it like previous times in first half against them, or it takes a half for us to sort out what way to set up and play


For me, as I have said before, the strange thing was bringing on O Gara and then not really using tactics that suit his game, my only conclusion is that itwas to see if Rochford would send in O Shea, but in saying that , Rochford may have done so if Dublin had persisted with playing ball into O Gara, but they didn’t so there was no real need for Mayo to change anything.


In fairness Harrison had a lot easier of a first half on OGara than he had in second half when Mannion went on him. Mannion left him for dead for first score of second half and then got 2 more.
Id agree things could have worked out differently for O Gara had Jack stayed on the field. But that’s more to the fact that out team would have been on a better footing.
Personally I think O Gara upsets the shape of the team. Fine bringing him on if things aren’t working and we need to mix it up. Having said that Jim went with something he felt could work, seen it wasn’t working and changed it.
Id say he is constantly trying to make sure Dublin aren’t predictable again after 2014 .
We don’t know if changing it like he did before throw in and then changing it at half time were the small margins that got us over the line or stopped us from winning by more.

I still feel when we went 2 points up in the second half , I think after James mc Carthy point . we were starting to find space a lot easier and looking good , had we won the next kickout i feel Mayo heads would of went down. But Flynner was easily nudged out of the way by Parsons and they went down and got a goal which gave them huge energy. Thankfully we showed great hunger and resilience and came back to win.


I think for the last 3 years others have expected us to be caught out , funny how it hasnt happened yet . Whose responsible for the psychological emphasis coaching because they are doing a remarkable job with these lads . We’ve not lost one close game yet , except for the league final & I think we are all agreed that the lads were probably not fully focused on winning the league anyway .


I think gavin and gilroy before him are the main reason we learned how to win tight games - rising above the hype and emotion and instilling belief composure and action is the main reason -

Gavin and gilroy have had big success in their work jobs and it passes on to their sports management and ultimately to the players for situations such as winning tight games


I agree, the longterm affects of gillers time in charge become more evident all the time. Him and gavin’s reigns are very inter-linked. I dont know if there is much phonecalls between the 2 but i wouldnt be surprised. I think lowndes will be a huge player for us soon.


True, I think it’s a good balance between a calm coach who gives his players control and having top players who can play when needed or take the hits and keep coming back when needed. We are very lucky to have this group.
It’s a great balance.


I cant source a name but didnt the team have a psychologist too ?


Excellent observation @Navyseal1 - agree totally


WRT the goal, can’t recall if I posted this already, CK really lost Keegan badly there, at a point where doing so meant a one-on-one at point blank range with Cluxton. Also I think Clux was blinded by the sun as he barely responded to the shot which hit the middle of the net where he was positioned.


Doherty also got in got goal with exact same move / lay off to man at pace as got Keegan in position .

Watched from 54 mins last nite … We got a rub of the green with mayo penalty shout ( some refs wud have given ) n also we were quite wasteful with some good attacking positions … Con and deano disposessed , berno blocked , Connoly long range miss …

Finally tv coverage of what was actually goin on on the field after rocks score is woeful … Hard to judge all the controversy about dublin pulling players down


One of the bonuses of the way we won is that there’s a few lads who despite all the incredible success will still feel they have a further very motivating goal or something more personal to prove, especially in terms of individual performance in a final etc for example, if they get the opportunity.

I’m also hoping that Fento can come back even better next year after what was, not surprisingly, a less great year than the previous two. Of course he’s judged by the highest standards. But these are the sort of things that can help us keep that edge over the opposition.

I also wouldn’t write off Bernard, he still looked really sharp this year. That chance which was blocked could so easily have been a decisive score, credit has to go to Higgins for a fantastic one-handed block on that one, he dived full length even as Brogan got ready to pull the trigger.


There is a very good video on youtube “the moment dublin won all ireland” shows footage from hogan from deans free untill the end not captured by rte.captures the atmosphere/tension


Watched it back last night for the first time, seriously don’t know where some folks felt we were lucky not to be five down at half time, we were worth being level at least, I think there is a tendency out there to (A) just look at the oppositions missed chances and (B) focus on the fact we were not playing great, the reality is neither team were playing great, both kicked short, but kicked handy enough wides and both missed reasonable frees.