All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


Having been a long time Dublin supporter, I am only happy when the final whistle goes. I suffered enough from 1995-2011

Regardless of what I think at any stage of a game, if I look down and see Jim Gavin panicking, I’ll do the same. Until then, I trust he has everything in hand.


We just don’t all subscribe to the theory that we can’t debate things that went wrong just because we won
If that was the case we’d just watch the Sound of Music all day every day


Ok but you know it won’t actually change anything?

Also, without actually debating it with Jim Gavin you won’t actually know whether it ‘went wrong’ or not or whether he was satisfied with his decisions.


Not sure how you view the option of moving Kilkenny back as a potentially good decision, but see moving McCarthy, one of the best wing backs we have ever produced as illogical. I readily admit that the moves didn’t work, but at the time I thought it was a good move for a couple of reasons.
Firstly, Flynn appeared to be finding some form coming into the final and he’d had success against the Mayo midfield in the replay last year, and more importantly McCarthys natural game from wing back is to drive forward when he can, similar to Jack who was being replaced. Of our defensive substitutes only Lowdnes would really fit that brief, and perhaps with Flynn coming on Gavin was hoping that his experience would be more valuable than Lowdnes energy.


If they were so right . Why did he change them ?


O’Gara played 35 mins and scored 0-1. Connolly and McManamon came on and played a full half and also both scored 0-1.

I’m sure when Jim started O’Gara he hadn’t planned on McCaffrey going off injured and having to move other players around.

I just don’t subscribe to the idea that he ‘got it wrong’ and ‘got away with it’ … Nobody only Jim knows the reasons why he started the team he did. As for why he changed them, there’s any number of reasons but you or I won’t know for sure.


Judging a performance based solely on individual score tallies is ridiculous.


You’re right, I’m not judging it solely on that, just pointing it out because I reckon it could be something that a lot of people didn’t realise.

I’m not even sure if O’Gara is the tactic in question here but I actually don’t think he did too badly in the first half.


Time to sack Gavin, for sure.


I could see the reason for starting O’Gara, yes he got a point but he didn’t influence the game enough to justify defending the decision now. I would praise Gavin for taking him off at HT and changing things.

The Flynn change is similar, yes it was disruptive but you are bringing on a 4 time all star who was excellent against the same opposition on the same stage last year. While also moving one of the best wing backs in the country into his natural position so far in his career. The decision made sense but it did not work so therefore, in hindsight, it was incorrect. Gavin should be criticised when his calls do not work, but he should be equally praised for righting the wrong and learning from mistakes (2014).


i viewed moving Kilkenny back on the basis of getting away from Lee keegan as a possibility. Lowndes or Daly were to be the obvious like for like replacements but neither of us picking the team…


What game were you watching ?

O gara is blameless . He simply shouldn’t have been picked


But all of this is in hindsight … if McCaffrey doesn’t get injured and McCarthy stays at midfield who knows what happens the game could have been very different. O’Gara almost set up another clear goal chance in the first half.

I just don’t get the definitiveness of people saying it was 100% a ‘mistake’. O’Gara started on the basis of how he played against Tyrone and because of his showing in training in the lead up to the final. Those words came from Jim’s mouth himself, it’s hard to argue with that kind of logic.

Anyway, look. I started this my posts earlier on by saying I don’t get why people are debating issues like this after we’d won and because without discussing it with Gavin, we’d never be sure either way. Each to their own though, I have no issues with the selections or the tactics and will bow out of this debate at this stage…


Nobody would have picked o gara to start . It proved that training form when you haven’t started all season is utterly irrelevant against a top class side


Don’t agree with that statement - but agree he is blameless - if anything during the first half i thought Rock might get the hook with con taking over the frees. He steadied up towards end of first half and was excellent second half.

Think we forget that mayo bring a different intensity to games especially in the first half, so it was difficult for our attackers - especially after jack going off


Can’t really say that nobody would have picked O’Gara to start. I only watched the Sunday game live (as in the build up to throw in) the other day and the two rumoured changes on the Dublin team an hour before the game were either Flynn or O’Gara to come in, so the idea was obviously out there to some degree.
As for the game itself, EOG was only going to be effective if Dublin could get a reasonable supply of ball into the full forward line. The first couple of balls in his direction he won, but after Mayo got on top around the middle the quality of ball he needed just wasn’t there, which resulted in him coming deeper trying to get on ball which doesn’t suit his style of play (if that’s what you call it).
I can understand why Gavin tried it, and can see how and why it didn’t work. But to suggest he shouldn’t be picked is a bit much. It’s up to Gavin to make these calls, and just because one doesn’t work out doesn’t mean it is a mistake to try them, because as Gavin himself has said, if we don’t adapt and improve year on year we won’t win.


I thought there was ample ball directed into our Ff line in the first half . They just weren’t capable of winning any of it


yeah that took me by surprise and it sounds to an extent that it was deliberately leaked to see if it would affect the mayo line up.

TBH when he was announced there was a lot of head scratching and worried looks where I was (although we were on the hill which automatically disqualifies our opinion in the eyes of some).


Thought it was horses for courses - big lad in the mayo full back line that had struggled with donaghy - as others confirmed he was put in there to drag o’se back to mark him - which makes me scratch my head on that tactic.


was poor ball lashed in there for the best part.