All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


Not overly worried bout MF until this year really when Fenton wasn’t up to his normal v high standards … Hopefully he gets back there again but honestly if getting cleaned out at MF by osheas n parsons ain’t a worry …

Mullins n whelo luv child … Now that wud be ugly


Should have been! The point I would make is that it is not really down to luck as Mayo have been doing that kind of thing consistently for years and it’s probably the main reason they have no Sam.


Jim Gavin was 5 years in the role as Dublin senior manager yesterday, in that time his team have won 4 All-Ireland’s and 4 National league titles

Am I seriously reading people questioning his decision making and tactics?!

We definitely have it too good at the moment.


Nobody is beyond criticism . Thats how we learn from our mistakes . Donegal 2014 = 3 in a row


It was live on the sunday game when it happend.

it was repeated when they showed the slow down replay.

it was repeated on Facebook, Twitter, the GAA.Proboards, the hogan stand GAA board, the mayo blog, the GAA forum, the comments section of RTE sports news articles, the comments section of the, the comments secion of the irish independant stories on the match. It was mentioned on Newstalk, it was mentioned on Game On, it was mentioned on the last word on sport, it was mentioned on sunday sport the week after.

now, you may dismiss all of those places as “social media” or places you dont listen to or watch in the same way as tV licence dodgers say they never watch RTE or lads say they only got playboy for the articles, but you cant say there wasn’t widespread comment.


We are all hur… - scrap that footballing county

We are all Footballers on the ditch.

Despite the trophy haul , we should still be able to pass comment/question the selections and tactics in the cold light of day - as we would on all other games and other teams.


I am . He’s a brilliant manager but that doesn’t change the fact he had brilliant subs to change the game for him . Because we needed them .


fully agree with you


He is also part/head of a system that has instilled a huge sense of self-belief in the team and its players. Nothing is a lost cause until the final whistle. No heads drop. This has been evident plenty of times over the last five years. Gavin, and Gilroy before him (and I’ve been critical of Gilroy before and after 2011) deserve huge credit for this.


So you thought all was well at half time in the Final?


I was more confident at half-time than I was with eight minutes to go.


Strange as it may seem . I was the opposite.


Me too I have to say.


I knew we would make the changes at half time but with 8 minutes to go, I turned to the lads and genuinely said that we’re in trouble now.

Two minutes later, we were level. Brilliant :slight_smile:


I turned to my young lad with 8 minutes to go and said ‘dcr22B thinks we’re in trouble now.’


He only thought that because social media told him.


Not during the game Al, mobile coverage is shocking in Croker :grin:


there is a point to be made that we beat a team who had so many wides from easy scoring positions by only a point.

however, you also have to think about jack’s loss, and that Dean missed two early point attempts as well. Had he got them we could have been 1-3 to 0-1 early on in a match that we won by one. Mayo did what they set out to do 100% which was to drastically reduce our scoring ability because theirs simply does not match ours. They did it last year as well, and the reality is that we coped a lot better this year than last even if they upped the intensity of it this year. Both teams have got better but we still have the beating of them.

Was watching the NFL show on the BBC during the week. the two lads from the giants who are the studio experts both said that winning a tough game by a slender margin is worth far more to a team than a blow out, and it means much more to them and sends out a much better message to their opponents.


I know that but my jaysus if you’re rooting around at this stage looking for criticism of Jim Gavin that there mustn’t be much else going on.


We won the game and just completed 3 in a row, I just don’t understand the need.