All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


Well have no choice next year , this lad could hold his own in that scenario


Hear Hear. This man talks sense. More worried about long term replacements for Brogan and Flynn and Cluxton.


They loaded their midfield with their big players, primary ball winners and we kicked 5 in a row down that channel. 4 v 2.


There is no rule that the ball has to be kicked to midfield. We will find a way if we need to. A couple of 6’ 5" lads plucking balls out of the air won’t win anyone an All Ireland. As Bart says, Mayo’s dominance from Jack going off til near the half hour mark was more down to our line than anything else.


the whole first half was down to the line really…

a crazy call on O’gara.

a crazy call on who and how to replace Jack with…

got away with it but the process master and the selectors are human also it seems


Flynn would have been many peoples choice to help out in midfield. In fact, he did well there when playing the full game in last years replay against the Same Mayo Midfielders. It was actually a logical, not crazy call to bring him in.

It just didn’t work out for Flynn on the day. Didn’t show or compete well on the kickouts and gave the ball away also. It was rectified at half time


Fair point but there were much less disruptive options available IMO.


It was a straight swop decision . He made two changes for the sake of one with 4 defenders on the bench


O’Gara didn’t work out - a bit of left field selection to begin with , but the chaos out the field after jack went off didn’t help O’Gara.

Main thing was it was rectified at half time


And why didnt we do the same …because we don’t have players of that stature.


Players of that stature who still lost by 9 points (should have been 11 with the late goal disallowed)


We didn’t have to, problem was we kept kicking there. Our ability to kick ball to man running into space was not used. We stayed static. We don’t need big Eamon Fennels anymore to win All Irelands. Jack going of had a huge bearing of the game. The fact we went in at half time with just a point in it was a stroke of luck for us.


but based on a game 12 months earlier… in the interim we had Lowndes develop as a top class player imho, we had darren daly who never lets the side down when he is rarely called on, we had the option of moving Kilkenny back, we had the option of Scully straight in there…

i dont see it as logical, now, didnt see it as logical in real time either but the half time subs saved the mgmt blushes


Not more down to Mayo’s ongoing ability to translate dominance on the pitch onto the scoreboard? Not down to bad luck that they kicked some very poor wides and other chances into our keeper’s hands …


Thats the stroke of luck I refer to.


We were fortunate . But that was painful stuff to watch in the first half .


mayo could have been 5 ahead easily, talking about run of the mill chances short or wide…


I was referring to the Mayo game .


It was, painful as anything I have seen when we played badly. Be we rode it out. we won, might not happen the next the day.


Players of that stature who still lost by 1 point