All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017




One of the issues I have with this is the schools won’t be back that week before. There’s been a great atmosphere around our place and no doubt most schools in Dublin and beyond before the AI finals. That’s gone now. Just another thing lost in the pursuit of money.


I think I read somewhere that the football All Ireland Final is on the 1st Sunday in September 2018 if the Pope visits Dublin as expected on August 26/27 next year.


A one year reprieve.

In the words of Four Non Blondes ‘So What?’

Major own goal imho.


Yes let’s revolve the whole GAA calendar around teachers.

Better still Al - why not take two weeks off like everyone else instead of two months and you’ll get the GAA atmosphere for nearly the whole season! :smirk:


That’s fair enough . Let’s just say I think he will move inside very soon


CK badly needs a change but alot also depends on how Jack’s injury heals.


Am not fully convinced MF is solved with Fenton n mc carthy … Despite both been big lads we only really started to dominate when they tired … And I don’t particularly rate mayo MF so for me something not quite right there


Sorry alan to be going over old ground but just saw a video on youtube of full last 3 mins of match from deans free from hogan stand side 21m line .Very clear that no Mayo player other than Keegan was dragged to ground in this period.There was tight marking and holding that is all i can see.


God love you dub van dam you have been worried about midfield for as long I have been on this website. I’d actually think if ya put in a love child hybrid clone of Mullins and whelan you’d still be concerned. 5 all irelands with a so called weak midfield ain’t bad in my view! :+1:


Just think how many wed’ve won with a decent midfield, maybe 8 in 5 years. And then some. I agree about Jameso, much prefer him half back, not really sure why, just do


Bring the schools back a couple of weeks early :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d agree , would rather have Jamsey in his natural position .All this converting players just shows up how lacking we are in that area .And its mad really .If we want to row out that population argument & what we can choose from , surely there is one decent midfielder out there to partner Fenton .I’m sure its not for a want of trying either to scout someone but its worrying considering its been an issue for a couple of years that no one has caught the eye of the selectors .


I would argue to an extent that the use of an unconventional midfield over the years has worked out to our advantage, I know a high fielding midfield will always catch the eye, but in general the big fielders lack pace and stamina, one of the characteristics of our midfield in recent years has been the capacity to drive at the opposition’s defence and also to make space for Cluxton’s kick outs, I am not sure the kick outs would have been near as effective with a traditional type pairing in the middle.


Well with the new kick out rule midfield may become more important than ever for us .I heard a good point yesterday that its there so that teams actually will lose possession in contrast to retaining it with short kickouts .If you have a situation like we did in the first half were we were losing our kick outs one after the other ( until Jayo came in & told Stephen to go short ) & no option of a short kick out , we could be in serious trouble .Though I do expect Jim to counter it .


James in midfield makes the team stronger. You can get Jack, Small, James and O’Sullivan into the team together without any having to drop back to the corner.
Maybe this new kickout rule will mean a return the big plodding midfielder that plays between the 45s but Dublin have shown in recent years that it is not required. You need a more dynamic pairing in midfield to last 70mins in Corke Park.


Was the calender not changed with club football in mind more so than money? I know the super 8s are money driven but surely the county season wrapping up earlier is to the benefit of clubs no?


A lot of nonsense in my view . We have the best midfield pairing in the country
Our issues in the first half were created on the line


Are they the most effective though ? If winning kick outs is one of the criteria I’d have to disagree on that point .We were shown up badly in that regards in the final .


We don’t kick the ball long . Very few teams do now . Show me a midfielder who’s catch three balls in a row in a 3v 1 situation