All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


Correct sir. I was once listed as 5’ 8" in a programme. I’d have been happy enough if I was 5’ 7"…


Philly 5:10 i’d say. Mannion and Rock would be both 6:1, maybe more.


You’re not wrong . You’re right . I think he’s related to WiFi


I think we need to examine the game itself

Gavin made a really poor selection decision with O Gara. Then he exacberated it when jack got injured
Instead of simply putting Daly or Lowdnes in for a straight swop . He put Flynn into midfield who had a mare . Paul is a 20-25 player now
And jamsie went wing back where he only got a few possessions
We were mullered under the breaks in the first half . At one point Mayo had 4v2 for at least 3 kickouts in a row
Fenton was on his own and we were back to the league final all over again
Fenton and Mc Carthy were superb in the second half and along with Dean and Mannion they won us the game in my view

Jim got it right eventually but he got away with it a little. Everybody needs a bit of luck and we got it in spades

I don’t think we’ve a huge problem at midfield at all . I think 10,11 and 12 is potentially our area of weakness now


Kilkenny, Con and Dermo is a weakness in your book? I don’t think I would be calling it that.


I think con is wasted at 11. Need to be at 14.
He is Bernard’s replacement
Kilkenny - teams have him sussed now unless he goes back to underage days
No weakness with Dermo except he’s 31 next year .


I would agree Con is better at 14 but he is far from wasted. Without Dermo for much of the year he was needed out there and he provided big scores when needed.
I don’t think teams can go after Kilkenny like Mayo did if Connolly is playing. When he plays he is the one with the target on his back so Kilkenny picks up a lot more ball and keeps things ticking over. I would love to see him roll back the years and let loose but he plays the role he is assigned very well 90% of the time.
Personally I think if Howard is given the chance in the “Flynn” role he will shine and that will free up Con to go inside.
Rock, Con and Mannion with Costello chomping at the bit and Dermo as the main attacking play maker is a serious prospect.


Con had 2:12 and top scorer from play this year from centre forward - he wasn’t wasted !!! Barts argument is bonkers


You’re having a laugh . . . The Aidster can only do it against pathetic opposition !


So you don’t think Mayo got better ball into their forwards this year than in the past, the sort of ball OS would win easier than Moran, COC etc? Or that OS is run into the ground in his current role?


I think our biggest problem next year could start to be our full back line. They don’t have the pace they used to. I agree about Gavin’s first half calls but O’Gara needed ball to do damage and got very little. Part of that was the loss of Jack


Absolutely not . As McStay said (picked up on this by Brolly) he’s great player for 50 minutes !!! WTF . . . When he receives the ball he slows everything down. Scowley was easily Mayo’s best forward this year


Absolutely not what, that Aido was run into the ground? That Mayo are getting much better ball in? That they had more possession against us than previously?
One of my points, about OS going in full forward at times, is precisely because he ends up little use anywhere after running up and down the field for 50 mins


Don’t think he is sussed, Mayo had a player who man marked him, the same player who has kept Dermo quite.
I think Connolly played a similar role to Kilkenny when he on, a bit further up the pitch but very effective, I’d say Jim might be thinking of having two go to players on the pitch in Kilkenny and Connolly during games next year , that would give most teams a headache.


It’d be 4-24 at 14 in my opinion . I’m entitled to my view


Philly is closer to 6 and Dean is at least 6-3 also!


Quite possibly, but to say he is wasted at 11 is probably over the top.

It’s a similar circumstance to Kilkenny, Con is playing in a different position to where he dominated at underage but it is a winning formula so to say wasted is incorrect in my view.


Haven’t been posting that much on this thread in recent days, but firstly I would like to address Rico and his argument “Ah sure we won, let’s forget about it” I actually think there is more merit in complaining about ref’s decision when you win than when you lose, as it is clear that you are not just whinging.
Secondly on Kilkenny being sussed, can’t believe it was a serious comment, Kilkenny was given a role to play and he played it very well, Heffo always made a point of the importance of players willing to sacrifice their own game for the good of the team and I think we saw clearly the benefits of what CK was doing when Connolly came on, doubt very much Connolly would have enjoyed near as much freedom had he been on from the start.


When is this game on?


August 27th 2018 all things going to plan