All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


yeh, looks like himself and Shane Carthy are finished at this level. Massive shame they never lived up to their potential. Still time I suppose.


Remember James was not midfield for the vast majority of the 1st half. We dominated it in 2nd half when he went back in.


McCarthy is only 6 foot tall .


We didn’t dominate kick outs as we went short second half so that helped.
But taking mccarty out of there was a big loss

Prob shows the step up he made during the year as he was sound in there all year when Fenton was quiet


There is no way he is only 6 foot, need to see some evidence of that




Spec savers dude. He’s at least 6’ 3”


True, but Mayo went long a few times and he bossed it IIRC


still small


Compared to you Shrek, yeah!


Private joke




James McCarthy would be 6:3, a huge man. I think Howard would be 6:1 at most. That’s the only concern i’d have of him about him tried at midfield. Wing forward might be better. Fenton would be 6:4


I googled it , I wasn’t sure myself :sunglasses:


@Rochey get the measuring tape out


He grows 2 to 3 inches whenever he’s around @Rochey :joy:


What about in height?


Trust me, he’s at least 6-3.


Absolutely 6’ 3" - Brian nearer 6’ …


yeh definitely, those heights they use in the programmes are way off, sure they have philly down as 6ft, no way he’s that tall…