All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Kerry v Mayo, Croke Park, Sunday August 20th, 3.30pm


I think its strange that KCB are prepared to let EF stay on, approve JOC for the U20’'s … and then wait. If JOC is so fcuking good, put him in now - he obviously has his backers,and they believe in JOC. Something not right there.
Some egg on faces if he fails to deliver…


And Mayo.

I think he will keep Kerry good enough that whichever of us play them in the Semi will get a good warm up for the annual Mayo v Dublin finals.


Yeah, the more times we beat Mayo the better.


I have the feeling we are in the era of the greatest GAA team Dublin (filling the Kerry role) and Mayo their great rivals (filling the Dublin role), if we win a Sam or three I can live with being the undercard in the TG4 classic games shown in 2030.


But who will be the Offaly?

Tyrone, Cork, Kildare, Roscommon?


There is a lot of issues in Kerry with JOC. Not cut and dried by a long way . Who managed dr crokes ?


Belter here from gaaboards

"Joe McQuillan’s appointment is unethical and he should have no involvement in any Dublin match or influence over a game where Dublin are likely to play the winners of it. The GAA would want to examine their own rules and code of conduct because they are breaking every rule of fair play by appointing Joe McQuillan as the referee, he lives and works in Dublin. He has been single-handedly responsible for Dublin winning the All-Ireland in 2011 and 2013 and in 2012 he done everything in his powers including playing over and above the injury time to try allow Dublin to equalise the match.

He has a conflict of interest and should not be involved in any match involving Dublin, he has also refereed Dublin team training sessions and would be familiar with this Dublin team. In any sport no official so closely related to a competing team in a fixture like this would be tolerated. It is totally unethical in my opinion."

I particularly enjoyed that comment about 2012 , amazing how two sets of fans can view a match so differently .


‘singlehandedly responsible’ :slight_smile:


I fear ye are well into the land of diminishing returns at this stage @greenred. Every chance you could win in 12 days but after that … and if you don’t win you’ll likely lose your best forward and maybe one or two more


That’s a peach.


Wow is all I can say to that. There were 9 1/2 minutes of stoppages in the 2nd half of that 2012 semi final so if anything he simply didn’t play enough…


Pat O Shea. Kerry manager in '07 when they won the all Ireland


Pat OShea came back to them in 2016, Martin Byrnes was manager prior to that , appointed in 2014.


Crazy crazy crazy people out there. Still it’s his/her opinion and they are entitled to it! Still crazy as ■■■■ though! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There’s a special breed on that site too , most certainly 31 against 1 , you have every county throwing their two cents in on everything .Even the minnows get a chance to stick the boot in :sweat_smile:


A level playing field of begrudgery. Sounds like midnight cowboy McKenna place to relax and let it all out.


Oh its a very cosy place for the anti Dublin brigade .


Interesting quotes from the Kerry chairman. Sounds like they have a three year plan to bring the younger players through and want EF to be at the helm during it