All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Kerry v Mayo, Croke Park, Sunday August 20th, 3.30pm


Shhh, sometimes logic can upset people!!! :wink:


Welcome to our world Mr Rochford.


You may be right. But isn’t it strange how so many players seem to knock over coc?


Mind games - trying to soften up the match ref. I just hope some day we can win an All Ireland on merit rather than because of the ref, the weather or just luck …


That’s why I initially assumed that O Sullivan was innocent, but maybe not in this instance.


If the rules were applied properly, Keegan wouldn’t have been on the pitch after he deliberately dragged Connolly down in the run up to our 1st goal.

My heart truly bleeds for him, you play with fire then expect to be burnt.


As much as I admire Keegan, his black card was no less a black card than Jamsie’s in the drawn game.
Swings and rochabouts, Stephen.


The same way James horans performance in 2012?




reported that EF staying is set to stay on as Kerry manager for another year, and everyone’s favourite , JOC is U20’s manager for 2 years (mgt team Eamon Whelan/Micheal O’Se/Johnny Crowley replaces Declan O’Sullivan).


Is that O’Se that played with Vincents in 2008? Surely they must have more alternatives than giving the gig to Jack every time?


Don’t know - it’s reported only in the Examiner sports pages - not online . Am sure this will get more coverage later today after the hurling AI stuff dies away . Its interesting that JOC is approved first, he wants more finished players in his team if he steps up - will Super 8’s suit them more, where they are starting from ? Wait and see I suppose


i heard that report on the radio as well about EF and JOC.

all the talk for the past few years is of JOC to basically train up a new team at underage and lead them to senior glory. that must be demoralising for the current set up and team, esp when nobody from Kerry seems to be out there denying it.


Fully agree , it’s also assuming that JOC will land the AI with them - the other challengers will be improving and developing as well .


the new PUC may be the galvanising thing for Cork. With their playing population they should be a real football force.


+1.the langers going hammer &thongs against the keepers is something you miss.


Well the two former IC players I heard from last week are happy enough with the new manager and team - getting the base / location and resources is important , not sure they want to stay in Fermoy. Think the hurlers use CIT. they really want to get a win over Kerry - fair means or foul


I think EF has set Kerry back about 4 or 5 years and owes his All-I to JimMcG.


The longer EF remains Kerry boss the better for Dublin. Great news


JOC had plenty of enemies in Kerry too .