All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Kerry v Mayo, Croke Park, Sunday August 20th, 3.30pm


Watched our game back last night. It is amazing how different a game can look on TV compared to being there live. I suppose you are caught up in the moment. During the game I was nervous as I thought Kerry would crawl their way back with a goal but watching on TV (and a few neutrals told me watching live), Mayo never really looked like loosing.

In truth it was not the best Kerry team but credit to us. Seamus O Se, Keith Higgins and the as always outstanding Colm Boyle were all to the fore. Jason Doherty is always our most improved player this year while Andy is like a fine wine maturing with age. Great to see Conor Loftus play a full half, kick two scores and a sublime pass to Andy to setup the the second goal. It won’t do the young lads confidence any harm.

It is clear to see we are kick passing the ball more into space in front of the inside man. The movement and timing has improved as the year has gone on. During the league and early rounds we played like this in 10 min spells here and there…it is only since the replay win over Roscommon we are seeing a more sustained high press effort.

Only negatives for me is the form of the O’Connor brothers. I know Diarmuid got the first goal and Cillian is top scorer this year but to the high standard we hold them…it’s just no happening this year. Also we can be opened up when run at down the middle like Kerry showed on a number of occasions (Thanks Clarkie for the saves).

So a great Sat night and Sunday was had…even if yer performance against Tyrone did result in a few groans at the bar as the reality of the task facing us dawned on everyone but I think we have a great chance.


I see slieveen O’Connor up to his old trick . . . running into players to make it look like a deliberate block. Darren O’Sullivan black carded. He’s a little cheat and I hope Dublin annihilate team so that supporters can’t trot out excuses about gifting goals etc . . .


Not the greatest ever Kerry team indeed but you still put them away. Other Mayo teams over the years may not have. Truth be told, you should have won by 10 points, same as Dublin should have beaten Kerry by a lot more than the three in 2015.


I watched it again too Mayoman, I am a lot more confident after rewatching. We were a lot better than I remember from watching it live. Cillian is a bit of a concern alright, he is scoring but we expect him to be exceptional. I’m loving the fluency and mind reading between the players, there is always someone filtering to cover when the half backs make that dash. I’m enjoying the kicking game too, these diagonal passes, especially to Andy are a nightmare for a sweeper and I don’t think Dublin will employ one or if they do it will be short periods of time. Neither of these sides will stick to a rigid failed plan as Kerry and Tyrone did. Both Dublin and Mayo are show great flexibility and unreal intensity. I think Dublin will engage less in these across the pitch and backwards passes as it won’t work unless they get Mayo into a situation of desperation, say 6 points gap with 20 minutes on the clock.


Is Durkan missing for the final?


No, according to RTE website he’s OK for the final.


Does anyone actually fully understand what makes up a suspension because to me it looks like its just made up as they go along.


doesn’t matter :smirk:


Durcan is not banned for the final.


As hard to follow as some of phelo’s posts.




Duran is in the clear as you need 3 double yellows in the season to get the 1 game suspension at inter county, I think where confusion arose is that at club level It’s 2 in a 48 week period. I think.


O’Shea was taken off 40 minutes into an Under 21 semi against Galway for underperforming.


Durcan was previously sent off on a straight red and served his suspension. This double yellow is not a factor for disciplinary purposes as his slate was cleaned.

Double yellow / black card - any 3 of these and you are suspended at inter county level.


I just saw some of the highlights of the game on Sky again last night. The O Sullivan black card looked correct to me. Apart from the fact that he could have went round O Connor (and O Connor didn’t move), he actually tripped him as well. He threw out a foot to off balance O Connor and get him out of the way (i.e. tripped him).


Interesting. When did they show the replay of that? Didn’t seem to show any at the time. I saw the incident at top of screen in real-time, which is hard to see as it’s from a distance. And as Nancy Griffith said, you could hardly see what they were fighting for…


There was no replay of it I think, I just (given my sad life😒), rewound the original a few times in slo mo. For me, he officials got it right.


I absolutely hope we batter these. Sorry to the mayo posters on here. But this just smacks of James horan bullshit. Always the fecking victim, always an excuse.


Ha , I wasn’t long in predicting that was I !!!


I know it’s not allowed on this site to say it, but he has a point.
Changed the whole dynamic of the game.