All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Kerry v Mayo, Croke Park, Sunday August 20th, 3.30pm


Not in any way an attack and I apologise if you see it that way but you were bluffing about the GPS subject .


It’s been reported . Im not taking any prisoners anymore



The drama!


I’d tell me ma as well


Well then Board boy you should go through the correct channels and express your discontent. We have committees for these issues. Etc.


Nanny Nanny Boo Boo!! … Good Sweet Mother of - - - -.
Next up we have The Romper Room…


Report this, get the ■■■■ over yourself :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


Did Kerry have a plan for the game, If they did Fitz forgot to tell the players


I begining to think Eamon Fitz is not the tactical genius everyone made him out to be.


One little cautionary part here .Things looked pear shaped for us after '14 . We thought we were world beaters & were ceremoniously landed on our arses .If they replace Eamonn with someone who isn’t afraid to wield the hammer & drop a lot of the old guard , start introducing these wonder kids we’ve been hearing about things could be a lot different over the next few years .Look where we are now after '14. Some tough decisions need to be made .Donkey only stayed around because he thought there was an AI in this team .There isn’t at the moment .He should do the honourable thing & walk .Gooch left at the right time , just like Declan O’Sullivan . Some of these guys now are keeping the younger players out of the squad .


Fitzmaurice took on the job too soon after he stopped playing for Kerry a lot of lads he played with he stayed to loyal tooo yeah he could be more ruthless like Jim Gavin who who replace anyone or start anyone he thinks is a better option.

Apart from that I think Fitzmaurice is tactically inept, thought that in 2015 when Jim totally outclassed him in the way we set up, no idea what Kerry were attempting to do last saturday was there a sweeper or not and lamping slow high ball in on top of forwards.

Also kerry seem to be indisciplined under him, controlled aggression is one thing up lamping fellas and getting cards for high and late challenges have become common for Kerry players. That said nothing we say hear will compare to the savaging the Yerra Yerra’s will give him.


The old adage about ‘being careful what you wish for’ could hardly be more apt.

You must be the only Mayo fan who wished to play probably the greatest side ever.


Hell be cursing us again in a few weeks time :wink:.
Imagine if Mayo win having beaten the quote " best team of all time " end quote . The gods will need to be shinning on them that day .Every ounce of bad luck they’ve had will have to evaporate & morph into a perfect storm .
I’m putting it out there now , they WILL need a perfect storm to beat this team .


Great win for us over Kerry. Hero’s all over the pitch. Watching Dublin hammer Tyrone in third gear though has refocused the mind. Make no mistake, the challenge is huge. It will take an epic performance from us to beat Dublin. Not to say it is not impossible.


“controled aggression” was mentioned up there about Fitzmaurice and Kerry which i think is a very interesting point.

Why did EF get Kerry to play like they did against us in Tralee? Because he saw Mayo do it in the drawn final and with a light above flickering into life he announced “begad!” and his “special plan to beat the dubs” was born. he wheeled it out and got a draw at home, he wheeled it out again in the league final and begor, didnt he only go and win!!

So when faced with the replay against Mayo he had no choice, after how bad they were first day out, but to wheel out the “special plan”. The thing is, using a plan you’ve copied from Mayo wasn’t going to work on Mayo, and they there beaten in the physicality stakes as well as elsewhere.

I hope he stays on, for years.


I dont think Lone actually meant that he has a masters degree in sports science.


Kerry have always fouled. It has largely been ignored by the press…‘yerra a bit of divilment’. They foul in a diligent and practiced manner. If a back gets a yellow, a different back will drag down the next opponent who is bearing down on goal. It is never highlighted.


Its in the Kerry DNA, greatest cynics in GAA , bar none,


In fairness, that car - clamped as it is - has more mobility than some Kerry defenders.


Looks that way. I suppose he was trying to build belief with his team though, get a couple of results and compete all the way and then build on it. Except they didn’t. They couldn’t.