All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Kerry v Mayo, Croke Park, Sunday August 20th, 3.30pm


Mc Stay writing in Ir Times ( I know ) said that he thought the player GPS sets that Mayo had weren’t relaying data in real time - they got the readings on Monday or Tuesday ! Bit like the fight scene in the Quiet Man , goes on wayyyy too long and across parish lines …


Mayo were on top from the beginning. They should have closed it out last week as they dominated that game over all as well. Quite the achievement though considering they stumbled and bumbled against such luminaries as Derry, Cork and Roscommon(1st game). However, it must be said ( I’m acting the bollo),
they have played very well in their last three outings. Their confidence is sky high and won’t fear Dublin
as I believe we will win tomorrow. I won’t sleep a fcuking wink tonight. I hate Eves!


Our old pal Mayo4sam has been busy tonight winding up the Animals :joy:


It’s great when certain things are exposed that show up the group-think and bias of the press. Kerry are a dirty team. Always have been. If you run at them, they will foul you. They hate it when a referee applies the rules to them. Donaghy was never a great footballer, nor even a good one. He can hardly kick the ball and they call him Star!! Fact is that he is picked due to his height. He has been a knacker from day one for off the ball stuff and he fouls constantly. Yesterday he showed his true colours. A fitting finale for him. That Kerry team are crap. The next one won’t be. Mayo are hugely determined but still short of scoring forwards. However with the momentum and zeal, they could win the final. I would give them a better chance against us than Tyrone, purely because of playing styles.


It’s pathetic really. Never understand the mentality of someone who instead of celebrating would spend the hours after a good win in carry-on like that.

Infamously saw one of our own do it to one of our own, on here, after we won the All Ireland! Figure that one out.


Utter balderdash saying any substitutions of Boyle this year are based on GPS data . It’s a clear per defined strategy to have Durcan coming in at 35-40 mark


So on one hand you’re saying Rochford isn’t given much credit for being a good manager and then you’re telling us he has a pre-ordained strategy to replace the best player on the pitch halfway through regardless of how he is playing or how the game is going?? That’s just bizarre …


It’s not bizarre at all . Because it’s clearly working for them . The fact you and I don’t agree with him is irrelevant
He’s at the coal face making more good decisions then bad compared to two keyboard warriors like ourselves who have never trained any team at that level . He stuck to his guns yesterday where as Kerry didn’t . He’s a good manager and he’s doing a great job
This is the first time I could see Mayo actually winning Sam.


Wouldn’t agree at all about any kudos for sticking to his guns sure they should have won the first day. Surely it doesn’t take a genius to defeat what has been stated here as the worst Kerry semi performance of all time. Not sure how good or bad he is but he has been massively lucky this year - another important ingredient.

I also you recall saying that anyone could have managed those Corofin players to a club title. You have completely changed your mind on Rochford in very recent times - which you are entitled to do.


Some obsession on this game still -


Some of the early frees in Mayo’s favour were questionable to say the least. I was in the Cusack Stand where the Mayo supporters stood at half time and applauded the match officials off the field. I have never seen that before. Mayo fans usually moan and boo like hell at the slightest thing against their team but not yesterday.

If we are to play them I would be very concerned about their behaviour off the ball right from the throw in all over the pitch. What was allowed to go on yesterday was unbelievable, I never liked Kerry but I could understand how their players were losing the head and reacting to it.


Absolutely nothing online or tv about Cillian O’Connors cheating. I was never one to buy into the media bias towards us but the last 18 months proved it’s real. See Johnny Cooper and Jack v Monaghan.

The double standards at play here are sickening. No mayo fans condoning it either which in fairness some of us here call it out if we see we our lads doing it.

Just cause your paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not all out to get you


Atrocious referring even before the off . 4 Kerry players headlocked to the ground. Blessed Tom Parsons even did it right in front of Gough. Lost control,in my opinion,before the ball was even thrown in. If Dublin win I am really looking forward to them trying that against our guys.


Yeh but it was actual punches. When Ger B pushed Dorris in the face in 2011 he went down even more gymnastically than Rudolf Nureyev and AOS put together. Good riddance, true character finally showed up for real for everyone to see. Fitting. And DOS, who was possibly hard done by but no excuse for behaving like a gouger. Between those two and the way they played, this was a dark day for Kerry. Cynical to the core, dirty, and well beaten.

Having said all that they have done well to be as successful as they have been the last few years. It has reminded me very much of Dublin’s 1983-1987 era, new team with a few old greats hanging on, come from nowhere to win an All-I, looks like the glory days are back, then can’t repeat the feat and gradually get further away as the old greats all disappear.

Congrats to Mayoman, you deserved that and had the nerve to back your team to do it also. You’ve had to listen to alot of abuse on here and elsewhere of your team so credit where it’s due, payback for 2014, which at the time looked like a start of a finish for that team, yet here we are three years later and signs of further progress and every year right there at the bitter end.


Good enough I’m afraid, reap what you sow.


Lads is yer game today at 3:30 or 4:00 ??



And 2


No it isn’t . Reasons were given why he was takin off last week and previous weeks and you can be sure that hasn’t changed, there was also a point where the manager ignores the information given to him which happens.

Arguments were given by myself and another poster (Rochey I think ? )

You claimed you had a ‘masters degree’ in sports science but when facts for GPS etc were given you done a runner and didn’t comment again .

Also another poster put up an A B C D on it you agreed although it was intact nothing to do with GPS . So again as I said last time please do not bluff in the subject .

Unless you know somebody involved in the Mayo back room team you haven’t a scooby on the subject.

The Grand Cabal

Duly reported as a personal attack on the poster

The Grand Cabal