All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Kerry v Mayo, Croke Park, Sunday August 20th, 3.30pm


Spells is hoping at the moment :joy:


You must be drunk … posting twice! :grin:


No. Already served his suspension for his straight red so double yellow wont see him suspended for the final.


Fair play on the win. Impressive stuff. Beating Kerry in championship is a big step for any side that is trying to change their trajectory. I called it out before as one of your biggest issues and tbf Mayo eventually came good. I row in with the line Mayo don’t deserve an All Ireland for heartache. They will deserve it when they win it. Today was an important step but hopefully there will be a bigger one the next day.


Depends on whether it was abusive or threatening behaviour !!! :wink:


We’re talking about Donaghy here. Hitting someone a dig.


2 digs actually :grinning::grinning::grinning::wink::wink:


How fickle the game can be. Donaghy - well past his best and never the greatest player anyway is a superhero last week … :roll_eyes:


Check back - its re: Darren O’Sullivan :wink:


Mayo4sam absolutely trolling the ■■■■ out of the Kerry forum ,what a dickhead of the highest order ,if we are beaten tomorrow expect the clown to be on here .


Sooooo much humble pie for the Yerra folk in the media , soo much . From Jacko ’ EFs got a plan for Dublin, to Quirkes backing for Donaghy and so much more … God it will be unusual to open a sports page from now to next May or June without the KMM. But very welcome .


I was reading through that. I doubt he is from Mayo.


Smart lad.


Don’t rate Rochford at all. O’Shea on Donkey last week nearly cost them the game, why didn’t he look at how Dubs handled Donkey in our last few meetings, imo he should’ve had Boyle or Barret mark him, freeing up O’Shea and continued substitution of Boyle & Moran up until today was ridiculous, and they both proved their worth today.
Only caught end of 1st half and 2nd half, what in the name of Christ was Gough at! Watched it with two lads who would have very little interest in GAA, and both felt he cost Kerry the game.


Ah jaysus Liam, Gough was not the losing of that game … Kerry were … they were abject.

Right now it’s hard to see a better team than us in the next 2/3 years. That’s not saying we’ll win Sam, but …


Reading about some trouble in the stands … thought Dublin were on tomorrow … :smirk:


Ain’t that the truth.Couldnt believe how bad Kerry were and that has to be taken into account if mayo beat whoever they meet in final ,with 10 mins left there was only 4 points in it despite been much the better team ,if that was us we would have been merciless and done a number on them.


This could have been the year we slaughtered them in the final had it panned out that way .


Boyle must not have ran as far as he usually does :rofl::rofl:


Same as the one who visits us once a year?

Is that where balkygofireside posts?

He never rings, he never calls…