All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Kerry v Mayo, Croke Park, Sunday August 20th, 3.30pm


Donkey was an ass. A fitting send off for a nasty arrogant player with a grossly overinflated view of himself, aided and abetted by the gaa media.

I predicted last october that Mayo would take Kerry this year if they played like they had against us, and so it happened. Kerry reacted the only way they know how, in a cynical fouling manner, a way we have known about for years but only seems to have been noticed outside of Dublin this year. Funny how what they did today was praised when they tried it against us in Tralee.

The common denominator between Tralee and mayo’s similar style? It doesn’t work against us.

It amazing how posters in here after the league were lauding the Kerry team so much and their midfield in particular, when it was clear that Kerry had only barely beat us with them at 100% and ourselves just back from holiday. The only regret I have is we didn’t get them today or in September, we would have killed them.


My comparison about fitzmaurice the wallpaper decorator came true. He was so worried about the bubbles he never noticed the whole thing was crooked.

Mayo have now needed two matches to dispatch two bad teams. They were tiring just before the red card and with that the last wind went out of the Kerry sails. If that hadn’t happened and had Kerry not done a great naughties Dublin impression of going for goals instead of points… well we will never know but to only win by 5 considering how utterly awful and wretched Kerry were today says a lot. I think all of that will be either ignored or denied by many in the mayo support in the next three weeks.

They deserved it today, and whilst I do agree some of the mayo players ought to, one day, win an all Ireland, all I can do is misquote Saint Augustine and say “but not yet”

Meanwhile, my nerves are in bits already for tomorrow…this is my safe space thread right now.


My son was at the game and said the same.

Also said they got lots of ‘c’mon Tyrone’ from Mayo fans as they were leaving CP.

Enemy’s enemy and all that.

Up here I think the mood has turned into a quiet optimism that Tyrone have a real chance…maybe in part due to today’s upset. I suppose fans have to have so belief.

Either way, safe journey to all


Mayo just fancy their chances more against Tyrone than they do us. If Tyrone beat us tomorrow expect the celebrations to begin on mayoblog! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’re right.

There’s not a Mayo fan who’d prefer to meet Dublin in the AI final.


I’ll never take anything for granted after what happened in '14 , and I wasn’t taking it for granted then either .


We all joking it’s like Liverpool in 2005…maybe our name is on the cup :stuck_out_tongue:


Can I also add that the RTÉ coverage was a joke. After the match they couldn’t wait to get off air. They would have had schedule clearance for the possibility for extra time so they had no reason to be off air before say, half five. They did not cover any of the black or red cards, nor the tactical ideas behind the Kerry substitutions, never mind actually wondering why Dessie Dolan was so incensed by the Kerry black card.

That’s aside from canning taking five mins to notice that aido had moved back to handle donkeys leash, not noticing James o donogue was on the pitch at half time and talking sound bites instead of describing the action.

That said, by all accounts Marty was having a party in his pants on the radio so every cloud has a silver lining.


I’d rather meet ye…at least Dublin play football…Tyrone would defend defend. I think Mayo and Dublin bring out the best in each other…but hey if we meet I hope the online insults stop


Should you not be drunk somewhere?


Oh , I got it from the father as well , "Love meeting ye " :joy::joy:


I dunno as my oul dear always says… ‘one of these bleeding days…’


That’s strong stuff they’re serving you in that pub lol


Well done on the win today.

Who would you fancy your chances against: Dublin or Tyrone?


I don’t see how Bart is going to change his contributions here just because Mayo are in the Final …


I’ll do my upmost best!


Jesus Kerry have made Andy Moran an all star. . . Obnoxious Mayo supporters. Hope they never ever win an All Ireland


Poor Kerry. 'Tis the end of a yerra…


I’d rather meet ye…at least Dublin play football…Tyrone would defend defend. I think Mayo and Dublin bring out the best in each other…but hey if we meet I hope the online insults stop


I am drunk mate…made it back home in 2.5 hours…god bless the motorways :wink:


Enjoy yer night mayoman I’d say it’s mental overf there! These are the best nights!