All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Kerry v Mayo, Croke Park, Sunday August 20th, 3.30pm


Thankfully it appears the idea of Fitzmaurice as a master tactician has been put to bed. He got it so badly wrong today it was beyond belief. Using a sweeper system having not used one all year. That can’t be learnt in 6 days and it was shown today.

They hadn’t a breeze what to do with the ball once they got it in their own defence. Then they just hoofed it in. By playing a sweeper they obviously didn’t account for the extra body in the Mayo defence. This allowed Mayo to break the ball and their spare man to come out with it.

The amount of off the ball stuff was worse than any of our games vs Mayo in recent years. Jack Barry was a disgrace on kickouts. Maher was on for 5 mins and only wanted a scrap. Wonder will Brian McGuigan defend Donaghy again on the Sunday game like he did a few weeks ago. But it was fascinating as a neutral who hates both teams.

There’s a different feeling about this Mayo team. They have not improved footballing wise, but there’s something about their desire that is on another level at the moment. The fans after the game today celebrated like I’ve never seen before, and celebrating is something they’re good at. They will not be easily bet. If we manage to win tomorrow, it could be our toughest clash with Mayo yet, while I think if Kerry came through last week we’d have beaten them with ease.

Either way, its a novel feeling watching these play each other in the championship. Always entertaining, and regardless of the result you are happy because one of them is going home.


Donkey is a dopey fucker for doing this… thought I’d say Aido was in his ear (but doesn’t deserve to get clobbered like that). A shit way to end His career no sympathy for him.


We get past Tyrone I’d actually fear playing mayo. They have serious momentum.


Fitzmaurice got a lot of praise when beat Donegal in 2014 for tactics but when you look at it now Jimmy/Donegal only had one of playing which Kerry counteracted very easily. One thing when Fitzmaurice especially in games against was poor use of subs

2013 took off Mark Griffin and Peter Crowley. Bringing on rookie Jack Sherwood
2015 took off James O’Donoghue when Gooch wasn’t in game
2016 took off Paul Geaney and replacing with defender Marc O’Se, It seemed he brought him on to equal his brother Tomas O’Se record championship appearances

He has been too loyal to the older players and introduced very few young players especially in the backs which proved very costly last week and today


Its surreal after the dust has settled to actually appreciate the fact Mayo have finally beaten Kerry .Filthy match though .


Absolutely. It’s all been based off 1 game. Because McGuinness got it right against us, it was then decided that Fitzmaurice must be some guru for beating Donegal.

And on the subs you’re 100% on the money too. When games are in the melting pot he has made decisions that have not paid off. Interestingly though, first time Kerry have been beaten by a team other than us since 2012


Keith Duggan’s assertion that Eamon Fitzmaurice is the second best Kerry manager of all time is looking increasingly daft . He is a manager who has gotten undue praise for as long as I can remember. His tactical nous against Donegal in 2014 involved aping Gilroy’s tactic against them in 2011 .

Very limited Kerry team . As bad a Kerry panel as I can remember .


Yeah don’t take enjoyment in a player being sent off but for Donaghy I’ll make an exceptiondownloadfile-1



Let the hype build :rofl::rofl:


Last game in a Kerry jersey and that’s what he leaves
F off Dorris


is that Dorothy first red in championship?


Maybe Boyle, maybe Higgins - but JamesCold … you’ve no chance!!


Doubt it


Deffo a red card for Donkey for lashing out & swinging the fists, the out and out tramp…but by Jayzus, for a 15 stone, 6ft 4 mountain of a man, Aido hit the deck fierce hard and fierce quick, didn’t he?


Jaysus no offence to our respected Mayo poster but it would sicken me like nothing else on earth to see that horrible horrible individual lifting Sam. Hopefully that alone would spur us on if we win tomorrow.

Don’t like all this ‘ah I wouldn’t begrudge Mayo’ etc etc. I would. Tickets gonna be shit hard to get if we get there. But 3 in a row is where it’s at.


Have to say, it’s refreshing going to a game between the top few teams in the country and being completely neutral.
Kerry were shocking, it looks like they peaked back in the league final. Fitz is now gone and i am sure a few more young men will be brought through. Kerry will be back soon enough.
Mayo were excellent, dominated the middle, rotated the man on Donaghy to great effect and were physically better prepared all over the pitch. Andy Morans movement is a joy to watch live. Very rarely I get to see that objectively, fantastic stuff.
I have never liked the Mayo football team but today I see why the rest of the country want them to win so much.
Fair fcuks to them, serious toughness from that set of players.


He always does.


Straight after DOC goal they let Buckley in for a goal chance ,and Kerry as bad as they were had numerous goal chances to close the gap.
The only way mayo will win Sam is if we get beat tommorow , it’s Mayo’s misfortune to be playing in the same era as one of the greatest teams ever to play the game .


Look I appreciate that just this little nagging pain in the hole voice in the back of me head!!! :wink: