All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Kerry v Mayo, Croke Park, Sunday August 20th, 3.30pm


6th AI Final appearance for Andy :astonished:, what’s Dillon on now , 7 ?


Does Fitzmaurice have another year to go or was this his last year ?


Moran is probably the front runner for poty at this stage


Looked at Kerry forum ,some of them eulogizing donkey for slapping aido one .Stay classy guardians.


Yeah. Him or Aido :expressionless: Lets see who does some jobs tomorrow. Mannion, Kilkenny and James all in with a chance. And they should create a special meta award for Stevo, of course. Mind u I think the Mayo keeper was impeccable today. Kickouts and shotstopping


Moran deserves pity he didn’t have the love in of the media that Aido has and he would almost have it in the bag. Great admiration fir Andy Moran playing out of his skin


Kerry forwards were retarded again this year leaving donkey isolated under the high ball. No one looked for a break.


Bad day for the Yerra ladies as well , losing 4-06 to 0-05 against Dublin , 17 mins left in second half


Decent final & he has it . Not see any of ours are in the running but should we win tomorrow & the final that could change .Though deserving of it , Andy will probably get the sympathy vote too.


Dubs won 5-9 to 10 points .


I’d say Colm Boyle / Keith Higgins myself .


Thanks lads…il post my thoughts tomorrow but for. Is it’s beer, beer, beer! Good luck to Dublin tomorrow


Bart, Maurice Fitz always struck me as a perfectionist footballer, but quiet. He’d hardly want the managerial role?


Maith an fear. Enjoy your night. Solpadene and flat 7up are yer only man. :wink:


Maher was like a dog in heat today. He took Cluxton out in 2013 semi final too


Mayo nephew texted "its our year regardless of who wins tomorrow " :joy:


Didn’t he have a sly dig on jack when he was on the ground in final in 15 as well ??


I think so. Jack has committed to u20 for next year. I think selector Liam Hassett covered more ground than the Kerry half forwards. Was mouthing at Gough throughout until got the line


Enjoy yer night and take it easy on the tiles


Not sure on that one. I remember him sticking his fingers into Bernard Brogan face in league game in Killarney a few years ago.