All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Kerry v Mayo, Croke Park, Sunday August 20th, 3.30pm


A remarkable but of info .Its almost famine like .


In fairness to you, you called it and you were right.


You’re not ruining anything . But why say it ?


Will Kerry appeal that clamp too? Or maybe Healy Rae will send the faerie folk tonight to magic it away! Great to see Kerry spanked. I really hope those Mayo lads end up with Celtic crosses. They remind me of us in the early 90s. Heartbreak every year but they keep coming back for more. Aidan O Shea has been on the end of much comment but fair is fair. He is only human, is doing his best and has given great service, like the rest of them.


Give it a break boss and enjoy the banter.


Fitz to walk now?


Unless he wants the embarrassment of being fired forthwith then he’d better.


Wonder if Jack O’C will be tempted for a 3rd stint?

He’s the pedigree and knows the minors…and I’m sure more Kerry fans would welcome him.


One of the Yerras in work reckons it’s a mere formality that JO’C will be back. (Has been saying this for the last few months even before today)


Until last week I’d assumed I disliked Mayo more than Kerry. Those 2 matches proved otherwise.

Today it looked almost as if Kerry thought it’d be enough to stop last week’s runs through the middle in order to win. They didn’t count on the fact that, while they have the best footballer on the pitch, Mayo have a lot more decent players than they do. And, it seems, a better manager. Certainly one that can learn in a short space of time better than his opposite.

A whole year of planning and Kerry were shown to be lacking in ideas and ability. That was there for all to see. Mayo, on the other hand, corrected the kick out messing of last week and so conceded no goals. Thats basic cop on: something even I can see.

I only wish they won by more.


Congrats @mayoman and is there another one who’s crept in @greenred.
Always a great day when you beat Kerry.


I’d say the current minor manager has a shout . But Maurice Fitz has a shot too


i think he need 3 red cards to miss a game?


I get the impression that he will only take the job if thinks he can land Sam. He is not interested in building up a team only for someone else to come in after him and complete the final step. I think he would rather wait another 2-3 years when the recent minors are a little bit more mature and then take over the seniors agin.


I think that the stars of the noughties team would attempt to block it. Whether they have any influence is another matter but they weren’t too sorry to see him go in 2012.


I would like to apologise to the cabal for Jackie prediction on today’s match
I am replacing her forthwith

I’m bringing back mystic Mandy


That’s what I heard , was down in Yerraland for 2 wkends and stayed with relatives of the missus ( her dad was a Yerra). JOC not most popular or likeable chap in that scene I’m told


You’re right Stato, 3 at inter county to miss a game, cheers.


Notice a lot of Kerry and Mayo fans online complaining about Gough saying he ruined the game with so many frees. Such nonsense. The reason the game was ruined with so many frees is because there was two teams playing in a cynical and at times bordering on cheating manner. Certainly not the refs fault. If there’s 300 fouls in a game the ref has to give 300 frees. Simple as that. Not his fault


Anthony maher another sneaky fucker for Kerry came on with just the attempt to start looking for aggro with the mayo players