All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Kerry v Mayo, Croke Park, Sunday August 20th, 3.30pm


He cannot be given an ‘all GAA ban’. They penalty for the offence is one game in the same code and at the same level. Unless he plays next year there won’t be a ban.


Agreed I’d be afraid too



I said last week that Kerry looked very beatable and off pace…and they’d welcome the replay to improve.

But they were still poor today.

I’ve written off Kerry man times only to be proven wrong…but surely they’ll have to rebuild from this.

Kerry need to start bringing through their minors.


Pull up the post where I said he was genius . If you can’t find it I want your post retracted.


I know that. That’s exactly the point i was making


Not going to bother looking for it, and neither am I going to retract it. Well might do if you retract every post you contradict yourself in😀.


Bad day all round


You want a post retracted :joy:

Impossible to pull up a post from before may’16


The state of it, should have turned it into a cube and fucked it into the Liffey.


He’s mad.




You are right, I fancy Tyrone v Dublin, Dublin v Mayo and Mayo v Tyrone. Tyrone hate playing us.


What did Durkan do? Any idea? I think that’s his second red so should miss the final.


Because it was never said . Continue spoofing . It’s what you excel at


That will be I all ireland in 9 years into next year and a lucky one at that


Pfffft. What do I know? :roll_eyes:

That had all the looks of a team trying to implement a new system in 6 days. Absolute lunacy. Mayo much the better side even though they came so very, very close to the wheels coming off early in the championship.

Now, focus people. There’s work to be done tomorrow.


Ah dont be angry, its only a GAA forum, its a lovely afternoon in the capital, dont let a spoofer like me upset you and ruin the day.


That the Healy Rae’s yoke ?


No idea .I’m sure they’ll appeal it .


In having a few jars & someone tipped them off he intended to drive home .