All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Kerry v Mayo, Croke Park, Sunday August 20th, 3.30pm


Durcan gone for the final ?


Mayo played it perfectly, got the goals, kept the score ticking over and stopped concession of goals by any means necessary.
I’m not convinced they can beat ourselves but possibly could take Tyrone. I know that’s a contradiction given that to play Tyrone, Tyronemust beat us but Mayo don’t have any baggage in regards to Tyrone.
You have to hand it to Mayo they keep coming back, they look a team who kind of know it’s shit or get off the pot time.
Kerry what do you say, there were people blowing smoke with regards to their full forward line who went well against Cork and Galway. I said before 2-7 they are possibly the worst I’ve seen from Kerry in my lifetime.


I think so. Second red


The crop behind them are brilliant . Fitzmaurice nearly seems afraid to integrate them
Mayo look equipped to win it this year for the first time


Hope we see him banned for that. Philly got ban for similar


Will there be much hype around final anyone think ???


Shows how little we put into the league


Sure he’s finished now. Unless they give him an all GAA games ban like Dermo got he’ll be free to play next game for his club


If he is kept on, he’ll have no choice. That knacker Donaghy will never play in Croker again. I’m happy it ended badly for him.


@alanoc Will you be offering your services as a ref advisor to Coiste na Réiteoiri, cause your doing a great job of it on here.


Did exactly set the world on fire at u21


Given where he’s from that’s not a certainty. We all know what the GAA are like with consistency espcially when players from certain counties are involved.


It shows how much Kerry took their eye off the ball, the Kerry media were talking all year about how Fitz has a plan for the Dubs, when there was no possibility of us meeting until the AI final.
Have to agree with earlier poster if we don’t beat Tyrone tomorrow I wouldn’t begrudge Andy Moran a Celtic cross, Colm Boyle and Lee Keegan are two players I like too.


Can’t see how’s he kept on . He’s far too loyal there to some players . Rochford took a scandalous amount of criticism last week and proved himself a good manager at this level


Mayo proved today who are second best team in Ireland


You mean the minor crop that have done nothing at u21 over past 3 years. Yeah I’d be afraid of them alright.


Still shouldn’t stop lads like Sean O Se getting a game today . Sits on the bench for 140 mins the last two weeks . It’s gone beyond a joke now . Donaghy , Walsh , maher , o Sullivan , Sheehan etc - time to retire lads and do Kerry football a favour


Was it Durcan that commited the foul though?


Gladly. But I suspect they won’t want to know.


A few years ago you told us Fitz was a genius, Rochford may be a good manager but at this stage nothing less than landing Sam will be enough, Mayo are nowhere they havent been in recent years for the monent.