All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Dublin v Tyrone, Croke Park, Sunday August 27th, 4pm


Agreed but the only way to stop Dublin is deny them the ball . Philly was left on his own because Tyrone had already dropped Sean cavanagh out the pitch


Hard thing to do when the he ball goes wide and the kick outs are coming out so fast .Also it will open the forward line up.
Midfield will be key


Con has done great but such huge expectation on such an inexperienced player coming into an All-I final…


The kid is quality though…he makes the game look ridiculously easy…however I think you’re right he’s only 20 and consistency is hard to come by at his age so I just hope some of our own don’t start slaughtering him from pillars to posts if and when the inevitable poor game comes along…


As long as he gets 1-3 or more he’ll be fine.


He was born for this . He’s been a star since since he was about 14. Guys like this are wired differently


Ciaran Kilkenny, Jack Mc and Mannion all got taken off in their first All Ireland final, all were top class all year long but dipped in the final, none of them managed a score in the final, just shows how the pressure of a final can affect younger lads.


Con is further along then all of them were at 21 in my view .


He hasn’t done too badly in his other All Ireland finals this year


Maybe so, but just saying it would be understandable if it were to get to him a bit.


Watched the game back and it was the most blatant penalty you will ever see, lads claiming he hooked Philly’s arm and pulled him really need to take the Blue specs off. Philly, as I initially thought, just tried to run though Cavanagh.


Was just going to say the same, It’s not as if It’s his first All Ireland final, being involved last year will be a massive help for him in a couple of weeks too.


There was a bit of messing before that with Cavanagh hitting fitzy in front of the umpire , Philly was trying to show his toughness and went too far imo.


But it will be something Mayo will try with o shea


Add Moran and cock to that. Philly and cooper are well capable of making rash decisions and mayo will look to exploit this.


I wish he could cut this out though, I don’t think there’s a player around who doesn’t know how tough he is but he tries to show it at silly times. There were a couple of earlier instances where a few of them tried to have a pop at Philly and he just laughed at them, then creamed them when the next ball came in, a far better response.


Dust just about settled after that disaster.

But the CB has a big decision to make as it’s unlikely anyone will show their hand until they drop MH. It’s stick or twist.

The dilemma is that the current system is enough to win Ulster and a semi - which most Ulster counties would jump at that - but no more.

But there’s hope. If you look at where Dublin were in 08 or 09 you’d never have saw them lifting Sam just 2 years later. Same for Donegal.

Maybe this is the shake-up Tyrone needed in realising where they need to be.


Tyrone can turn it round no doubt. They need to start winning games like the Qtr final Vs Mayo last year to build confidence. They could do with winning a national league too.


Was thinking of '09 the other day and the ‘startled earwigs’…not many depressed Dublin fans left CP that day thinking they’d be be AI champs just 2 years later.

The danger in getting rid of the current team is they throw the baby out with the bathwater. But new thinking is required.

I imagine player power will have a big say…for that reason MH will stay on.

But in the meantime I can look forward to the final without biting my fingernails.


And therein lies.his beauty. Innocence. Zero fear.