All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Dublin v Tyrone, Croke Park, Sunday August 27th, 4pm


there was never a chance if that though, but we have such a long history of that sort of thing happening that it is always at the back of the mind.

And it is to ignore the big thing about blanket defences in hindsight - you’re not supposed to ever be miles ahead of them, and being a few ahead is as good as double against a non blanket.

Forget the goals, 17 points against the best blanket is fine.

I would wager that, after bollixing themselves in the semi last year, they were never going to kill themselves on Sunday if they didn’t have to.

As Lewis Hamilton has said, he is perfectly happy winning the race as slowly as possible when he needs to.


Probably not @dubintipp but at times, I found myself getting impatient with our patient build up & looking for us to play the quick ball when it was on to really put the blanket to bed once and for all.

Your point about the lads not killing themselves does have a lot of validity as we won pulling up even allowing for the fact that Tyrone was so so poor.


It’s hard to escape the feeling Tyrone had a complete systems failure, stuck to the ground. My only concern with that is we didn’t learn enough from the game, as well as the huge hype it has generated about how good this team has become since last year.


Good point @dcr22B but your assessment of ‘when it was on’ and the players’ assessment of ‘when it was on’ are obviously sometimes very different and much and all as I like you I’d back the players’ judgement every time … Con’s goal a good example …


Absolutely @Dub09, just because we can see a ball that is on doesn’t mean that the players can see the same. Maybe they need to borrow them auld occlusion glasses…


Think it’s also about the need to maintain a consistent, disciplined approach, once players start deviating from that the risk of breakdown increases. I’m guessing that’s the reason, just like when a team might maintain a certain pattern of play etc when a game seems to be already won. The consistent approach means that when you get to a game where it’s very close, or you’re losing, and the pressure on your optimal approach is greatest, you’re more likely to retain structure, discipline etc due to ingrained consistency.

Of course that’s kind of contradictory to the “flexible, adaptable, decision-making autonomy” mantra but I suppose it’s a balance.


It was yep, I went along to it. But I have thought of it since, not every player was available given the time of year, but it was interesting the players he did bring - Scully and Fenton both played their first. (I think) senior county game that night.


I am not sure if it was mentioned anywhere in the thread, but I am not sure about that penalty when I see it again. I don’t know how many other players, other then Canavan actually falls over in that situation - I think most just take a step forward and regain balance. A few minutes before he had a definite dive in a similar situation. He also fell out near the 45M line when someone put a hand on him, but the ref ignored him. Brolly is right about him, his tendency to fall over is / was very annoying.


the whole ting was like dominos, and since there was a dublin player at the back of the falling pack they got the call, its was soft as soft could be.


I actually think Philly only fell because Canavan put his hand back and dragged him with him. A black card for Canavan wouldn’t have been beyond the bounds of possibility for pulling him down. God, that would have got Brolly excited, if Canavan’s last act as a player was to receive a black card - ironic or what!


Wifi … Canavan retired years ago …


The oul’ dyslexia is at me this morning - those 'N’s and 'V’s are in random order! Ye know who I mean :grinning:


I’ve the game recorded and am waiting for an opportunity to watch it back but from the Hill in real time I was sure it was a penalty. Looked like Philly had a little tug at him just before and then tried to run through him. Things have a habit of looking very different on second viewing though.


Philly had both hands up kavanagh hand his right arm around Philly and pulled him as he went down


Ray Charles could see it was a stone wall penalty


No he couldn’t - he’s dead.


Probably 70% of contact in football is illegal, and this was no different. But… if the recipient wasn’t Cavanagh I don’t think it would have been as most others wouldn’t have went down, let alone have the presence of mind to reach back and pull McMahon with him to make it more dramatic.


That’s my point . It was a penalty


No… your point was that he was blind! :wink:


Penalty or not, it might play a part in Cluxton getting POTY