All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Dublin v Tyrone, Croke Park, Sunday August 27th, 4pm


my tin foil hat just blew off


Gough’s auld fella sold his farm which became Judes’s pitches.

Made a tidy profit too.


actually donated them to the club, young lad wouldnt have got his game but for that.


He built the clubhouse by hand one weekend and then stoked the Bar full of Porter and Gin to celebrate Dublin’s AI win in 2011


No Hopper that was Joe McQuillan and his father…


David Coldrick and Gough represented Judes at the World Handball Championship and won the doubles title


Just watched the game again. What a wonderfully controlled performance, played with freedom.
Tackling and decision making were superb I thought. Every player seems to be a better tackler this year. This is something that looks to have been worked on a lot this year, both technically and tactically. I can only admire the decision making qualities of these players too.
However, one thing I’d be a little fearful of is the intensity Mayo will bring. It’s been a year since we’ve played a game near the intensity of what they will bring. I know Gavin will be prepared. But it’s just something picking away at me. I think we have to dictate the physical element of this game. Unlike the first game last year, when I think they caught us a little off guard for intensity. I think a lot will depend on how the opening few minutes pan out. If we physically dominate the opening exchanges I can’t see us losing. If we don’t, well, I think this would galvanize Mayo…and Game on!
We need to be ready for any pre throw in stuff that will inevitably happen. Mayo are going to be fired up.


Forgot to mention Anto Finnegan at the start of the game.

11 years an Antrim senior player now suffering from Motor Neurone Disease.

Was sad to see him strapped into a wheelchair but speaking so passionatley.

He’s a campaign going to raise awareness and ultimately a cure for MND: something he’s unlikely to benefit from.

But funny when he sided with ‘a fellow Ulster team’ to win and got cheers from Tyrone…then said his daughter Ava was a Dublin fan, and the Hill then cheered.

I know Dublin came up to Cavan for the ‘Game for Anto’ a few years back.

Great to see how the gaa community rallies around their own.


Indeed and a lovely shot ahead of the game …


Helps to put things into perspective.

Anytime I see him interviewed he’s always positive.

A real fighter. And only 43.


He’s great bloke, actually played Hurling against him for Civil Service v Northern Civil Service good few years back in Casement Pk.
Couldn’t make trip to Cavan that time but bought one of the Training Tops for “Game for Anto”, I believe O’Neills gave all proceeds to the fund.


Was that Game for Anto not played in Belfast?


Think you’re right come to think about it.

The photos at the time showed the Dublin players with his daughter…I think Cluxton might’ve even walked his daughter on to the pitch.

Was thinking last Sunday maybe that’s why she showed up wearing a Dublin jersey.


It was in Ravenhill


Think the Kingspan element with both grounds led to the confusion.


Yeah it’s Kingspan Ravenhill in Belfast…think they changed the name a few years back.


I watched it again too . And my blood ran cold . As good as we were Tyrone were absolutely dreadful . And I mean Carlow gave us a better game


Billie Barry, more like.


Your young lad is right. Padraig Joyce v Kildare in the '98 All Ireland Final always comes to mind.


Yeah, that’s kind of the feeling I’m getting in a way. For all of the domination that we had, I was worried at 1-13 to 0-10 that a goal (as undeserved as it would have been) for Tyrone would have gotten the nerves a jangling…