All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Dublin v Tyrone, Croke Park, Sunday August 27th, 4pm


Not sure if it was mentioned on here but the vote for Harte was only 34-32. There’s a lot of young disillusioned football people in Tyrone at the moment. I know he was coming to the end of his time anyway but word is Justin McMahon’s mind was made up once Harte was staying.


I think if you read the reaction afterwards it’s quite clear Tyrone thought they had the beating of Dublin going into the game. MH looks to the now - not the future.


Tbh…it was the manner and size of the defeat that caused the shock…not that Dublin might win.

Probably a bit like 2009 against Kerry, when you thought you’d a real chance…(so did I)…and then the roof fell in.

For my part, I thought Dublin would beat Tyrone in the last period of the game…but I never saw that mauling coming.


What manager quit revert enough when the vote was the same - can’t recall
That sort of a vote you haven’t a mandate to take a piss


Val Andrews quit Cavan because the margin was small


First-time I heard that.

Was surprised MH was given 3 years…even more so with such a split vote: 52% vs 48%

If that’s true (and not doubting you)…it shows a real strength of feeling for a change.

With that amount of votes against you…the pressure’s on.


With such a split vote…I can only imagine the players were behind MH.

Apparently they met the night before the vote.

But it feels like MH is in danger on hanging around for too long…a bit like Arsene Wenger is at Arsenal.


I think EF is a good operator and may have been playing a weak hand by Yerra standards. Yerra boy, they’ll be back and EF will be plotting away all winter

Similarly MH got great performances out of Tyrone and one disaster. The system looked disastrous then but who knows- maybe there was instructions going on or a plan b which the players couldn’t or didn’t execute. They were left chasing a game very early and it was a day when everything went right for Dublin- would make any manager look like an eejit.